Thursday, August 9, 2012

Catching Caterpillars

Before and after dinner last night, James and Eddie "worked" in the flower beds outside our front door. Eddie pulled weeds and James "helped" by piling them up on the sidewalk. James was SO proud of himself. He's about to start earning a few "coins" when he does things like this. He was THRILLED to go back out after dinner to continue.

When Will and I walked out to join them I spotted a little caterpillar in the corner of the porch. We quickly scooped him up in a Mason jar to watch. I looked online about whether we could actually keep him or not. He was a moth caterpillar (not sure what the actual name was without looking it up again) but when I looked to see what he ate I discovered that sometimes that type of caterpillar can take two years to mature. Nevermind! Ha!

James was disappointed we weren't keeping him. I told him we'd let him spend the night outside and if he was there this morning we'd scoop him back into the jar. :/ Parent lies. I was just praying he wouldn't be dead on the porch.

I forgot to mention it here earlier, but it is worth noting that last night the caterpillar's name was "James." After thinking on it overnight, this morning he told me he'd renamed him "Fuzzy." I thought that was appropriate. :)

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Anna Catherine said...

This reminds me so much of those pictures we have of us when we were little catching frogs. John was still in diapers and he did the actual frog catching. There's no way I would touch a frog, too much like lizards! haha