Monday, August 13, 2012

Visits, Decorating, and Boat Rides...

Write it down as another great weekend! Lots going on, lots of projects in the works, lots of fun!

On Friday, I met YaYa in Macon and sent James off with her for a weekend grandparent playdate. After he was off, I met some friends at La Parilla for lunch. Our sweet friend, Ashley, has been a student at a nearby college for three years. She's a senior this year. We have thoroughly enjoyed having lunch and dinner with her a few times a semester! Her mama, Beth, and her brother, Bret, were in town for some back-to-school shopping. I had a GREAT time visiting with them. I was so glad it coincided with James going with YaYa. I was actually able to enjoy conversation!

After lunch, Will and I went to Gymboree and Bath and Body Works (new fall scents are out!!!). He was over three hours past his feeding and still just as pleasant as can be! I enjoyed our time together! We ran home so that I could feed him and change his clothes and then he and I headed out to Target to pick up a few things.

I cooked supper on Friday night - a new Pinterest recipe that I'll share soon - and we hung out at home.

Ha! This was funny. A few weeks ago I ordered a round side table, a skirt, and a glass top from Ballard. The table and skirt came in but the shipping company who shall remain nameless *ahem* broke the glass top. I waited about two weeks and finally called Ballard about it. They re-shipped another glass top and this is what it looked like when it arrived. Thankfully, it was unbroken.

Saturday morning I spent some time pinning drapery pins on the back of our drapes. Bess convinced me that this is the way to go and while it looks great when hung (pictures to come...), it is a tedious task! I had to do 32 of them and to get it through the lining on the back but not through the lining on the front was a task! Or maybe I'm just no good at it. Regardless, she says I did it right and they look nice! In fact, I liked it so much that I pinned all of Will's drapes, too, so that I wouldn't have to hem them.

And Will helped!

Meanwhile, Eddie had his own projects. One was to hang Will's monogram above the crib. 

Another was to hang a shelf above Will's dresser. I know that it looks high (it is...) but in order to keep someone from being able to pull it down once he can sit and stand to be changed, it needed to be. I'll lower it and add another above it once he's bigger. I do have a few things to hang above it. I don't know that the whole train is staying, either. We'll see. (Actually, that's only part of the train. Aunt Melly and Grandmama, this is the one that was labeled Lloyd's train.) James is thoroughly jealous that Will has a train in his room. I've assured him we'll work on getting something cool for him, too. He told me last night when he was having a little insomnia (see below) that he couldn't sleep in his room because it had no train. Ha! Such drama. (Also, the picture frame has a picture now as well. I'll do a whole Will's room post before he turns 13...I promise.)

Meanwhile, James was obviously having a horrible time:

On Sunday we went to Lake Oconee for a quick visit and to pick up James. We weren't sure if we'd be able to even go because our list was so long, but we just decided to throw it out for the day.

Will in his life jacket just makes me laugh. He cannot move at all and the most comfortable way to carry him in it is actually by the chest straps. Hilarious. Holding him on my hip he leans wayyyy back.

James was "wookin' wif his spyglass at ships on the 'ocean.'"

 James needed a swimming stop. We watched some people (not) jump from a boulder (it was high...I don't blame them) and James decided he needed to go, too. He's allowed to go when he's 12. (I think someone told him 7. That's not ok.)


Unfortunately, one of the bad things about leaving the lake late (6pm) is that there is no way to keep James awake on the way home. So when you nap from 6-7:30 you're awake until 11:30. It was awesome. He watched a little of the Olympics and Shark Week with me. (He and Eddie missed the Spice Girls, though. I did not, however. I danced and sang along. And I remembered all the words. Hello, middle school!)

He was absolutely miserable because he was so wide awake. And nothing helped. Not even sleeping like this:

Finally he fell asleep around midnight. (In his room with no train. So sad.)

He was awake at 7:21 this morning. I told him there was no way we were getting up that early. (No, it's not early...but if you're 2 and you went to sleep at midnight it's entirely too early.) Thankfully, he laid on the floor (moaning and groaning and fit pitching - tired much?) and fell asleep for another 40 minutes.

Today Will is SIX MONTHS OLD. We're headed to the doctor's office this afternoon for an official weigh in. Wish us luck! :) 


Anonymous said...

Proud of you!! Drapery pins can be a pain in the....BUT it's a good trick to have up your sleeve for the future :)Good job Mrs. Suzie Homemaker!

Lauren said...

I want those drapes for baby brothers room. Exactly like that. Can I have them??!?!? LOVE!