Monday, January 14, 2019

Weekend Update

We had such a fun weekend, but it FLEW by. Will told us the other day that his Sundays are always the fastest day of the week. I agree. Let's make every day Saturday!

On Friday night, we went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wing. The boys love that because they give out tablets. They don't have the best service, in my opinion, but they were happy and behaved while we were there! 

We decided to have a family game night when we got home, but someone wouldn't behave and had to go to bed early. We played alone with the other child - Jurassic World Monopoly. We love Monopoly! The child won!

Bright and early Saturday morning we were up and at the gym for Will's basketball game. This kid is LOVING playing basketball this year and we love watching him play!

After basketball, the boys went home with Grandmama and Granddaddy for about an hour. Eddie and I went to Lowe's to look for a rug pad for our new rug. (No luck...we're ordering from Amazon.) We put the new rug down anyway to see how we liked it. It's going to take some getting used to (we've had a red oriental-style in the den and I wanted something to brighten it up!), but so far I really like it.

Saturday afternoon, I took the longest nap ever while the boys played outside. Eddie and James went to the grocery store and decided on grilled pizza for supper. Eddie may never make a frozen pizza in the oven again. (That's a win for me!) It was great!

We also spent part of the evening cleaning out the boys' rooms. Yuck. I've let them go for FAR too long. James' book shelf was broken and his books were all piled up so Eddie got that fixed for him and we got it rearranged and working again.

Sunday morning, we got the luxury of sleeping in and going to the late service at church! We never go to the late service! We had a lunch after church so it didn't make sense to go to the early service and then sit around and wait. The afternoon was definitely shorter because of it!

There was more cleaning and organizing for the week, some iPad time, a little outside playing, a family bike ride, and leftovers for dinner before watching Dr. Pol's season premier and heading to bed.

It was a good weekend, but my sights are set on the long weekend we have coming up! Woohooo!

Friday, January 4, 2019

New Year's Eve!

This year, for the first time in MANY years, we went somewhere! We got together with the Bargerons and headed up to the lake house for the evening. On Monday, the boys' new swingset was being built, so we didn't get to leave early, but it wound up working out fine. We met the Bargerons at Barberitos for supper and drove up to the lake. The boys played outside, came inside, played outside, came inside, and the adults enjoyed hanging out. I thought the boys would crash before midnight, but they were WOUND UP and didn't. They hung in there until about 1AM!

On New Year's Day we slept as late as the boys would let us (hint: not late), had breakfast, let the kiddos play outside (and in the LAKE!) in the unseasonably warm weather! Will, Lori, and I went on a LONG walk around the lake. There was a lot of UNO and Connect 4 played. There was some squabbling amongst the boys (we've decided they aren't invited next year!). We finally headed home around 4:45. Will slept the whole way home and woke up at 9:45 and asked "HOW LONG DID I SLEEP?" The UGA game was terrible, but I didn't watch a minute of it!

Overall, it was a fun way to ring in the New Year! Welcome, 2019! We can't wait to see what's in store!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Christmas Favorites

Our Christmas break has FLOWN by! We didn't get out until December 21st this year which meant that we hit the ground running with Christmas to-dos! On top of that, we celebrated Christmas until just this past weekend so it meant we were busy a LOT later in our break and there has been almost no downtime. We have still thoroughly enjoyed our days off of school and all the fun! I thought I'd share what has been the MOST fun for us over the past two weeks!

1. Bikes!

The boys learned to ride bikes over Thanksgiving break (yes...James is 9...he did it in his own sweet time but when they finally learned, they took off!). Grandmama and Granddaddy bought them bikes for Christmas but brought them over early so that they would get the most enjoyment out of them. And boy howdy, they have put some miles on their tires! I've even enjoyed them on longer rides around the neighborhood!

2. Christmas Morning!

The boys were SO EXCITED about Christmas this year. It was a LOT of fun! My only regret is that we sort of rushed through it to get to lunch and I wish we'd been able to savor it a little longer. The boys were up bright and early and ready to see what Santa brought. The iPads were the stars of the show (Santa brought 3 things - iPads, roller blades, and laser tag), followed closely by the racoon skin hat (Will's stocking - he has hardly taken this off!), and baseball cards (from us!).

3. New Swingset!

Our old playset has been officially retired (we were the second owners) and a certain monkey that lives here has been anxiously awaiting a new playset! It is being built in the backyard and is about halfway finished currently. Hopefully the builders will complete it tomorrow! Will is our more timid child, but he hasn't ever met someone he can't make small talk with (he did NOT inherit that trait from me - that's all thanks to Eddie and my mama) and he has stayed right up under the builders asking questions. 

4. Scout is TWELVE!

Our old girl celebrated her 12th birthday over Christmas break! She has been a good, loyal, and sweet companion for all these years. She visited the vet today and weighed in at 76.1 pounds, got a good bill of health, and was put on 3 different arthritis medicines for her declining hips and knees. Overall, she's in great shape. The vet encouraged us to take her swimming since she likes that. Now, to convince Eddie we need a pool for that activity! LOL!

5. Cousin Time!

Our baby cousins are 3, almost 2, and almost 1. We're currently at VERY different stages, but the boys love tending to them. 

6. Outside Time!

It has been UNSEASONABLY warm. It has also been extremely rainy, so we have taken advantage of the non-rainy days!

7. Honorable Mention - Ralphie

Our family LOVES A Christmas Story. This year, we classed up the neighborhood by adding an inflatable, life-like Ralphie in his pink bunny suit. We have laughed and laughed at how much it looks like JAMES. On the hunt for an inflatable Leg Lamp for next year!

Christmas was good to us this year! It always just goes by so quickly!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Goals and Resolutions...

'Tis the season for setting goals, right? I do it every year! I'm not a person who dislikes resolutions. I love the freshness of the new year and the mindset that we can start over and reset!

I have a few big goals for the year, but I've decided to break them down into smaller monthly goals. We want to be more ACTIVE in our house. I'd love to lose some weight and get healthier this year. I also want to write more here and for myself. I need to dig into my quiet time and get back into the Bible WAY more than I am currently. I want to read and read and read this year. I want to spend more time traveling with my little family. I also have some super exciting things on the horizon this year - things that I've wanted for a LONG while and I cannot wait to share more with you SOON.

Here's what January looks like for me...


I have a HUGE goal to read TEN books this month. WHHHAAAAT?! I read and read and read during Hurricane Michael when our power was out. I can do it if I will make the time to do it. 


I want to catch up on our DVR this month! Whoa! It is slam full of things we haven't taken the time to catch up on yet. (We are still in April in some of our shows! LOL!)

I am also hoping to watch The Innocent Man on Netflix! I started it this week and it is right up my alley!

Listening to...

I am a Podcast girl through and through. I've told you before that I prefer a book over music. I love to listen to Audible, but I've also discovered Podcasts over the past year. This month I have TWO that I want to get through. I can't wait to share what I think about both Bundyville and Zodiac!


10,000 steps a day!
Ride our bikes at least 3 times a week!
Beachbody workouts - 15 times!

Cleaning out...

I want to go Kon Mari Method on my house! LOL! We are going to get our master bedroom, bathroom, and closet COMPLETELY cleaned out, organized, and decorated! I need a new bedspread and curtains so that will be my reward. AND if I can get it done we are getting a designer in here to tell us what it will look like to renovate our dated bathroom. We think we know what we want, but DIY isn't our thing!

Health and Wellness...

More water!
Lose 5 pounds!

Quiet Time...

I'm going to be using the chronological Bible in a Year plan that can be found at - Join me!

I'm setting some reading, watching, and listening to goals each month this year and I would love to hear your suggestions. I have a HUGE stack of books that I need to get through, but I'd love to know what you recommend on Netflix and podcasts! 

What are your resolutions and goals for the year?

Monday, December 31, 2018

A Glance Back…2018

Since it has been so long since I have consistently blogged, I thought I'd give you a glance back at our 2018. 


January came and found us all busy, busy, busy. I began a new job in June 2017 and while it is only 3/4 time so I am able to get my boys from school each afternoon, I rush off in the mornings and have a busy morning each day. In January, James was a 2nd grader and Will was a kindergartener. Both had good years at school, but we had begun noticing some things about Will right before Christmas that were very concerning to us. Long story short (and to keep things semi-private on here), we got him to the right person and she helped us TREMENDOUSLY later in the year…but kindergarten was tough. James had an ok 2nd grade year, but it just wasn't the same as kindergarten and 1st. School was overwhelming for us in 2018!

We got a puppy for Christmas in 2017! His name is Hank and he is the loudest, chattiest beagle you've ever met. He is a VERY cute, sweet puppy...but he does have lots of puppy energy! (I think we have finally outgrown the chewing on the boys stage of life and they are thankful!)

We had a snow day in WEIRD! We never have snow days here. We had very little actual snow, though!

For Martin Luther King weekend, we headed down to Disney World. In 2017 we purchased Annual Passes and we took several opportunities throughout the year to go. Our passes ended in February of this year so this was one of our last trips. It was also one of our VERY best!


The boys cashed in one of their Christmas gifts from us and we went to see The Lion King off-broadway in Jacksonville. We loved it! The New York production is leaps and bounds more amazing, but this one is still one of my very favorite shows. The animals walking in get me every time! The costumes are incredible!

We headed back to Disney for ONE LAST TRIP for Will's birthday weekend February 9-11. This trip, we enjoyed the dinner show at Polynesian. It was great, but Hoop Dee Doo Revue remains our number 1! 

Will turned SIX on February 13th and celebrated with a few friends at Barberitos and the bowling alley. He had a Jurassic Park cake that was just beautiful! He asked for money to buy himself a geo dome (that he literally NEVER plays on) and we went with Papa and YaYa to the Air Force Museum in Warner Robins.


Mom and I attended St. Simons Island's Tour of Homes on St. Patrick's Day this year and got to see the girl with the best imagination. Merritt is never just Merritt…she's also sometimes James or "William," a princess, Hermione Grainger…you never know. She spilled the beans to us on this trip about her baby brother's TOP SECRET name.

Eddie went for a walk mid-March with our puppy, Hank, and he came home with a KITTEN. This tiny, wet gray kitten followed him home late one night. We put her on our porch and posted on our neighborhood page that we'd found her in case someone was missing one…but no one ever claimed her. Almost a year later, Sassy is still residing on our back porch. (If only we'd known how easy kittens were, we probably wouldn't have HANK! Kidding…sort of.)

For Eddie's birthday, we bought him tickets to a UGA baseball game. The boys LOVED IT. We really, really enjoyed the college baseball game atmosphere and think we will try a Florida State game in the spring.

I had Lasik surgery done at the end of March and while I had some side effects that made me sort of cranky for a few weeks, it was a GREAT benefit and I've enjoyed having had it done!

On March 31st, we welcomed another nephew into our family, Merritt's brother, Shepherd! He is the SWEETEST little thing and we all love him so much!


Both boys played spring baseball through the rec department. We LOVED playing with some of our favorite friends this year. Eddie coached with one of my co-workers and they had a great little team and a great time playing. (So much that they started a semi-travel ball team for the fall and loved playing that together as well!)

We drove to Perry one afternoon to see Perry High School's production of Junie B. Jones. As usual, it was a FUN production and the boys LOVED it.


Both boys participated in our church's spring children's musical and had a great time!

I ended my first year as preschool director at our preschool and, because I'm apparently I'm a glutton for punishment, we headed out of town two days later.

We decided to take a little excursion this summer to go to Washington, D.C. It was an AMAZING trip. The highlights: National Archives, Pi Pizza, Ford's Theatre, Museum of Natural History, Air and Space Museum, Old Ebbitt Grill, Capitol tour, and Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The boys were CHAMPION walkers and never complained about all the walking we did…and we walked EVERYWHERE. The moments we had a hard time were when we had to stand in line for something. We aren't doing another city trip this year, but they've proven they can travel and we are so thrilled with that!

James played a TON of tennis in the spring and summer this year and Memorial Day week kicked off the summer sessions for him.


On June 1st we headed to Atlanta to Suntrust Stadium for our second Braves game in the new park. This game started what became an OBSESSION over the summer with Braves baseball. We ate, drank, and slept Braves baseball (and just baseball in general). James was IN LOVE so the rest of us had to get on board, too. All four of us could pretty much tell you the entire Braves line-up (almost exactly) for each game. It was a fun obsession.

In June, the boys and I hit the road to "Cacky's Beach" and spent 14 days living it up as beach bums. It was touch-and-go sometimes, and 14 days was PLENTY with two active, rowdy boys, but we had a great time!

Eddie's Youth Director began as our new church pastor in June and his daughter started working as our babysitter. We have LOVED having them in town with us. Eddie has enjoyed reconnecting with him and he has been a great boss at my job. We are so thrilled to have them here!

Eddie and I celebrated 10 years of marriage in July (what?!), so we took a little trip BY OURSELVES to Jamaica in June and had the. most. amazing. time. Wow. We didn't want to come home. Fly our kids down and we will stay forever! Our room was incredible. The food was incredible. The hospitality was unmatched. I will tell you all about Sandals Royal Caribbean sometime soon. Unmatched, friends. (If you need to celebrate sans kiddos, Sandals has been awesome for us twice now!)


We went roller skating for the first time ever and the boys LOVED it! Will was a little nervous, but wound up being a great skater!

The boys headed back to Lake Oconee with Dad and Laura for a night without us. Will started that trip sick (because Dad and Laura are CURSED and our children ALWAYS get sick when they're supposed to go with them), but he rallied and they wound up having a fun time. Eddie and I joined them later and they showed off water skiing…which meant Eddie and I both had to show them that WE could water ski, too!

The boys started a "Boys Book Club" over the summer and we've met three times so far and each time has been so fun! Over the summer, we read The One and Only Ivan. (We loved it!)

Because our county has recently re-zoned their school system, we were having to move to a new elementary school this year. We spent one evening touring our new school and meeting our new principal. Although the year started our rocky, we have had NOTHING but the best experience so far. First and third grades have been AMAZING.


Shepherd was baptized at his church in Saint Simons and we went over on Saturday night to enjoy some extra time there!

School started back for the boys on August 13th. James' teacher is a few years younger than me and she has been THE BEST. She makes school a lot of fun for his class, but also quickly knows how to rein them back in when they are getting out of hand. He has a crew with him that has been together for a WHILE (his friends pretty much all re-zoned with us) and so they have a tendency to be sort of rowdy. Will knew NOT ONE SOUL in his class, but his teacher has been teaching for 17 years and he needed someone who could help him this year. We wound up not being able to move him to be with his friends in a higher class and it has been the biggest surprise blessing for us. The kid is suddenly knocking school OUT OF THE PARK. We are so proud.


We went to ANOTHER Braves game over Labor Day weekend and had such a fun time!

James and Eddie went to Saint Simons Island for KidzQuest - James' first church retreat. They had a fun weekend! Will and I stayed home and enjoyed a date night in Valdosta as well as decorating for Halloween - Will's favorite!

Baseball started back up for us. We were a Bad News Bears-ish team to begin with, but wound up winning tournaments TWICE. We were so proud of their hard work and determination!

(We showed up on our first game with no jerseys. They hadn't come in. Y'all. They all played in what they had and we looked like a MESS. LOL!)


October was a BLUR for us. Usually, my favorite month of the year…this year it brought both a stomach virus and a hurricane in the same week! It put us way behind doing all of our fall/Halloween traditions.

James' birthday landed in the middle of Fall Break this year so we toyed with going out of town to celebrate. We wound up just staying put and heading to the Okefenokee Swamp one day with some friends and we are SO GLAD that we did! It was so much fun! We can't wait to go back!

We take Halloween VERY seriously around here. Last NOVEMBER, the boys decided they were going to be Doc and Marty McFly from Back to the Future for Halloween. I think they nailed it. It was so fun!


November was mostly a blur, too. Between school and other obligations, it just flew by! Eddie and I went with some friends to Jacksonville for a weekend of seeing Ron White and Christmas shopping. We spent Thanksgiving at home this year and it was nice to be able to stay put. Other fun in November...James fell in the shower and broke one of his front teeth. That resulted in a trip to the dentist to have it repaired the week of Thanksgiving. We also spent an afternoon at the farm shooting. I surprised everyone with my Annie Oakley skills.


This month came in FAST AND FURIOUS. Much like Halloween, I felt like we missed out on a lot of our Christmas traditions, which made me a little sad and cranky. The boys are growing up SO FAST and along with that we have lots of obligations that just take place over the fun that we are used to having. Will started basketball this month and has THOROUGHLY loved it. It's nice for him to be able to play instead of having to be a little brother spectator. I think he's enjoyed that. Eddie and I went to Chateau Elan for his office Christmas party and annual weekend to ourselves. We enjoyed that, even though it was COLD AND RAINY the whole time. We also headed to Atlanta to tour Suntrust Park with Dad and Laura. AND then we had Christmas and more Christmas. This has been my favorite Christmas to date. The boys got new bikes from Grandmama and Granddaddy and we have put miles up miles on those. The other hits have been new iPads and roller blades from Santa and a big box of baseball cards from us.

2019 is bringing some FUN changes for us that I can't wait to share! I'm hoping for a healthy, fun year for all of us and for you as well!

Cheers to a new year!