Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Detox Recap.

First, Happy Birthday to my Daddy-O! Will woke me up by singing Happy Birthday, PAPA! this morning so he must have known that today was the day. AND we have a baby cousin being born today! Exciting day!

Well, we survived. :) It was tough and it was easy all at the same time. I say tough because it was a COMPLETE change of pace for us and I say easy because there was no counting calories or measuring or tracking or all the stuff that typically goes with a "diet."

So here are a few things we learned while we detoxed:
1. I am not a fan of any many sulfur-rich vegetables. Cruciferous veggies were a BIG DEAL on this because of just how awesome they are for you. You know them as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, turnips, bok chou...Know which one of those I like? None. I can choke down a few bits of Brussels sprouts, but that is IT. Eddie likes almost all of those.
2. Eddie is STUBBORN. I was ready to throw in the towel half-way through and expected him to go right along with it. Nope. He was going to do it, by golly.
3. I NEED a diet rich in fiber. Wow, did I feel better. Is that a little TMI? Probably. Sunday and Monday (as in yesterday) I hardly had any fiber and OMG I felt awful. (My poor digestive system symptoms include nausea, heartburn, cramping, and upset tummy so when I start to feel sick I am SICK. And this is a regular thing for me. I had no idea it wasn't a NORMAL thing.)
4. Avocados do NOT like my body. I love them and they are mighty tasty, but in any form they give me TERRIBLE heartburn. Crazy, huh? I guess even though they're high in GOOD fats, they're still high in fat and make me feel ick.
5. I felt AWESOME eating protein, berries, and veggies. Awesome! I didn't feel like I needed a four hour nap every afternoon. I had more energy!
6. I was hungry all. the. time. I don't know if it was being told what I "couldn't" have or what, but we were starrrrrrrving. Eddie was hungry even after a meal. Lunch was the WORST because if we didn't have leftovers it was basically a, "What the heck are we going to eat?" meal.
7. I didn't miss gluten as much as I expected! I wanted a tortilla on taco Tuesday and I wanted cheese and crackers a few times, but other than that I didn't miss it! We aren't going to be eliminating it for good (because we seem to not have issues with it), but we are going to be reducing the amount we eat. Who needs bread with every meal?
8. We also won't be eating as many DESSERTS. Holy cow at the processed sugary stuff we were eating. And most of it was just without thinking about it!
9. The cooking part was WAY easier than I expected. If you're cooking clean, your crockpot is your friend. I have three clean crockpot meals planned this week.
10. It was SO EASY to lose weight...the first week. :) But we weren't counting calories or tracking anything or exercising, so we didn't lose as much the second week. Eddie wound up losing 7 pounds and I lost around 6. But for two weeks that's not terrible! I've added in exercise this week and {after a ridiculous Mexican meal last night that was the biggest WASTE ever because I felt terrible afterwards} we're back on track with some decent eating.

Overall, I'd say it was a GREAT experience. I'm not sure we'd do anything that drastic again {it was all to figure out what was going on with my insides and we've self-diagnosed so we can probably move along now!}, but it was a good starting off point! Yay for being on the road to feeling better!

Monday, March 2, 2015

February Books and March Goals.

I only finished two books in the month of February. I READ a lot more, but I haven't finished them yet. Story of my life. I'm hoping to catch up ASAP because I am WAY behind on my 75 books this year goal. I am hoping we'll have some warm, sunny days soon so that the boys can play outside and I can sit and read! I can dream, right?

This month the boys and I did a LOT of reading. We read the sequel to Bedknob and Broomstick this month called Bonfires and Broomsticks. It wasn't as good as the first one to me. The second one follows the children as they return to Miss Price's home for the summer and they meet a man called Emelius Brown. If you've seen the movie version you'll recognize the name. Not many similarities between the movie and the book version and I much prefer the movie. This one was just okay to me.

James and I also finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We read the first Harry Potter after his fourth birthday so after he turned five he was "allowed" to read this one. We won't read the next until after he's six. We have to pace ourselves with those but he loves them!

As far as GOALS for March, here are some of the ones I have. I think I'll revisit these each month and see how I did.

* Walk 10,000 steps a day. This means I have to WEAR my Fitbit every day. 310,000 steps by the end of the day on March 31st. WOW.
* Do 30 minutes of yoga daily.
* Read EIGHT books. Ahhhhhh! I think I may have that many started so I need to wrap those up.
* THREE Jamberry parties. I have one halfway finished now and one at the end of the month, but I'm hoping I'll get at least one or two more. BRAND NEW CATALOG and we can party from anywhere! Let me know if you'd like to host!
* Clean out our office! We have our office and garage left to go since moving and it needs to be DONE asap. I'm sick of stepping over boxes and we're having a yard sale in the spring so we need to get 'er done!
* Continue to eat clean - especially at supper. I'll do a post-detox post sometime this week about how it went and what we learned. The BIGGEST thing that we took away from it is the need to just READ THE LABELS. We do that for James' stuff, but we don't ever look at what else is in it. And cooking clean wasn't difficult. We'll continue to avoid corn because that was the BIGGEST problem for me (I had some gluten for the first time today and some artificial sugar for the first time last night and so far no problem from either). 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Will's 3-Year Well-Check

Eddie, Will, and I went to Will's well-check on Monday afternoon. Our boy was scared about going, but perked up fairly quickly once we got there. {Sidenote - I've decided that a pediatrician's  office is my version of Hell...especially the sick waiting room. Ughhhh.}

{We stayed occupied by texting silly pictures to Cacky.}

We got called back and they weighed and measured him. He is 36 pounds {85th percentile} and 3 feet, 2.75 inches {72nd percentile}. I REALLY thought he was higher for height but I knew for sure the weight would be high - he is SOLID. James only weighs about 43 pounds. At James' 3-year well-check he was 35 pounds and 36 inches tall {although I made a note that I thought it was incorrect and that he was between 37-38 inches}.

The nurse asked him some questions and then had me fill out a survey about his skills. And here is where the biggest difference between the first and second child comes in. Does he know all of his colors? Uhhh....maybe? We had to ask to find out. Turns out, he does. Does he know how to draw a circle? Ummm...yes, yes he does. Didn't know that either! Thank goodness for our preschool for saving the day! James could've completed kindergarten at 3 years old because of all the "home schooling" we did. I have hardly done anything with Will {although, in my defense he's in school five mornings a week compared to James' 2 mornings at that age!} but guess what - he's on track anyway!

We asked about some issues we suspected could be a food intolerance and she gave us some suggestions to fix the issue. She doesn't think he has one because his symptoms are a bit off. She said he looks GREAT. He's on track with everything and aside from getting completely potty trained he's good to go! {And he needs to work on pedaling his bike...but it's tough to do and it's winter so we haven't been outside to practice a TON}.

Yea for being three and being big and healthy!

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Baby No More!

On Saturday morning I asked my tiny little infant baby if he wanted to wear big boy undies. We've asked this question before, and mostly he's not been into it. I haven't "potty trained" him. We haven't taken days where we've set the timer and gone every 10 minutes. I haven't loaded him up with juice and made him sit until he goes...we've just kind of let him do his own thing. But this weekend he said, "YES!" and picked out his "favorite" pair of "Tee-tee Nouse Cubhouse!" undies. He and I had a date on Saturday that included lunch, a train ride, visiting some animals at a nearby museum, and running into two stores. He pottied (potty-ed?? he went to the bathroom...) right before we rode the train and was PERFECT for the rest of the time. When we got home he played and had two accidents right in a row. No biggie!

On Sunday afternoon I put big boy undies back on him and we tried again. He forgot and went potty twice - once riding in his Jeep outside and once at Mama's for supper. No biggie! We're getting it!

When we got ready for school this morning I asked him what he wanted to wear and he said, "Big boy undies!" so we put them on again. Bless his teachers. I HOPE that he's done ok today at school, but we shall see. He has a doctor's appointment right after school today so I'm going to pack a whole clean outfit for him to wear.

I'm not saying that we're "done" potty training, because 4 accidents in two days is not done. BUT I'm hoping that we'll continue to do better and in days to come we'll be in big boy undies 90% of the time! Wooohooooo!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Our new catalog will debut on March 1st. Yippeeeeee! I'm going to send out new catalogs next weekend, so let me know if you're like one! Someone on here asked for one once and I KNOW that I never sent it, but I don't have a CLUE who that was. Try me again! If I don't have your address, email me at fresh.lauren@gmail.com so that I can send it out pronto! Here is a sneaky peek of some of our new designs. I don't have these samples to pass out yet because I have LOTS of old samples left, but this is a great idea of what's new!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Life Lately.

Well, hello out there in blogland! Suddenly it is Friday. FRIDAY! Life is flying by. It doesn't slow down for anything, does it?

Our Valentine's weekend was fun! We don't ever do much on Valentine's Day because A) we have a February 13th baby now, 2) we hate crowds of people and waiting at a restaurant, and D) we just aren't big romantical-type people. On Friday we went out for Will's birthday to...wait for it...Zaxby's! That was his pick, obviously. :) We had breakfast in bed for him, too. That was always our tradition with Mama, but I've never been a morning person and I'm usually not up before the boys. Now that I'm working, I am! Eddie made muffins and he opened three more gifts from us (he got a bike at his party) - Lego Duplos, a Lego book, and a Diego movie.

{This was after I confiscated his plate and took away two cookies and a cupcake. Sheesh! (Food allergy probs, not mama-diet probs. Just to be clear.)}

On Saturday I went to a friend's baby shower. It was supposed to last from 11-1 and I left at 2:30! We had a good time!

Saturday night we grilled steaks at home with the little boys. We had Valentine's gifts for them on Saturday morning - they got 101 Dalmatians and they each got a dalmatian stuffed animal and an M&Ms heart. I got Eddie two new games - both from the Ticket to Ride family - and he got me a new faucet for my kitchen sink that I desperately needed. See? Romantical, huh?

We have made it 4.5 days on our 14 day plan and while there have been some bumps in the road, I have remained true to the limitations set. Eddie has not. I came in last Wednesday night and he'd bought a bag of dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses. "Ummm....WHAT THE HECK?!" was my text to him. Lol! He claims I told him that dark chocolate is ok - and it is AFTER the detox. :) Stinker. He's also had a biscuit. That's all that I know about. You can rest assured that I have only had what I'm supposed to have. I've discovered that I don't like many vegetables (maybe just reaffirmed this...) and that I really, REALLY hope that dairy isn't one of my problems (I NEEEEEED cheese!). I've also lost 3.8 pounds since Monday morning. That's crazy to me. What will a whole week of this look like??? What will TWO weeks of this look like? I will do a food-specific post soon. I'm learning! I have a FANTASTIC friend/teaching partner who is a health coach and I am so thankful to have been able to bounce ideas off of her. She doesn't eliminate all the things that we have this week, but she limits most of them and that's been helpful!

On Tuesday James, Eddie, and I along with Dr. L, Mrs. J, and their little girl J went to visit the primary school that we're zoned for. We visited the private school in the fall so now we have to pick between the two. We were very impressed with the school and have some big things to think about! Mrs. Lori gave us the tour and she was VERY sweet to do that for us. Mrs. J and I are probably headed back to sit in a kindergarten class just to see what a day looks like. I cannot BELIEVE we are headed to Kindergarten next year!!!

The boys have been busy little bees, as usual. Wednesdays are ALWAYS busy for us, but especially when I have a preschool work day. Grandmama picked them up yesterday and took them to lunch with her and then to her house. I met them at church at 3:15 (I never left!) and Will and I packed food bags for kids in our area. He was interested and it turned out to be a great opportunity for teaching. At 3, he surely didn't understand being hungry and needy, but it opened a door. James wants to do it soon, too, so hopefully either Grandmama or I will have the opportunity to take him. After we packed bags, Will and I headed home to start supper. He crashed on the sofa around 5pm. I got supper started and sat for a few minutes to read. It was nice to have quiet that time of day because it is usually anything but! Eddie came home and we ate supper with Will and played with him. James went with Grandmama to church supper after choir and then they went and watched our high school's sectional basketball games. Our girls won and our boys lost. James has been TOTALLY into basketball this year and has already declared that he is playing Upward next year.

Will's class doesn't take field trips (who wants to take 14 2-year-olds anywhere?!), but Dr. L came to Will's class this week to talk about dental health. I snagged the picture from our school's website, so I hated to leave those faces in it. {I know, I know. It gives me a headache to look at that, too. I just didn't want to put sunglasses on 20+ other faces.} There's my Will front and center, though. Thumbs-up for brushing our teeth! {Both my boys got a toothbrush from Dr. L and you would have thought they'd hit the jackpot! We see him often, but when he's in his "dentist" clothes it's like they've spotted a celebrity!}

Today was our Red, White, and Blue parade at school. The boys were PUMPED about it and I even wore red jeans and a denim jacket to celebrate the occasion. {I work there so it wasn't weird that I was dressed up. Lol!} James got to march at the front and drum. Will walked and picked his nose. Lord, have mercy. I am raising two VERY different boys! Both were surprised to see me there! I forgot to tell Eddie about it and James was upset he didn't come.

The boys are headed to a basketball game tonight and have some fun things planned for this weekend. Yea, for the weekend!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Here We Go.

Eddie and I woke up this morning ready to embark on a wild two-week journey. People we've shared this with think we have lost our darn minds. We are going two weeks with no sugar, no soda, no gluten (he may bend the rules on this), no corn, no legumes (THIS will be the problem for me), no dairy (for me only). What CAN we eat? Meat and veggies and berries. Lol! It will be interesting. 

Why the HECK are we doing this, you ask? I have been plagued for YEARS with some symptoms that I didn't really realize weren't normal. I won't get into all of it with you, but I have a list of symptoms (everything from headaches to joint pain to reflux) that are stemming (probably) from some sort of food intolerance...we just don't know what. Like I said, I've felt "off" since around the 9th grade (the earliest I can remember having most of these symptoms), but I didn't realize they weren't normal.

Our children, of course, aren't so excited about it. We're trying to remember that things like spaghetti squash would've weirded us out as kids, too, but we're also going to be making what we make and you either eat it or not (with the option of a few other quick but healthy replacements). Two polite bites, please! James is going to be THRILLED with our supper tonight, though. Bacon Venison Chili with NO BEANS. Ha! This will probably be his favorite meal ever.

So we're on a 14-day journey. At the end of those 14-days my hope is that we'll add a few things back in and continue to eat healthy 80-90% of the time.

I AM going to be updating some on our progress, just because I want to be able to look back on it. I will NOT be posting daily about it, because no one wants to read that.