Wednesday, October 10, 2018

We Interrupt This Message...

Best laid intentions, right? We are down for the count!

James' team had a baseball tournament last weekend and we were preparing for that which meant ZERO Halloween activities at our house Friday and Saturday. (Actually the past TWO weekends we have been baseball-ing.) I owe you a post for that because travel baseball (modified-travel baseball...we stay close to home only!) has been a TON of fun.

Then on Monday night, just as we were settling in, James came down with the worst stomach virus he has ever had. He was sick from 10PM until 6AM and was puny all day yesterday. Eddie also got it around 5:30AM and spent the rest of the day in the bed or the bathroom. Fun times.

Meanwhile, THERE IS A HURRICANE COMING! You know what's NOT fun while you're trying to prep for a hurricane? Disinfecting from the throw ups! Y'all. It has been ridiculous. I've slept in a chair for two nights and tonight is not looking any better because the worst part of the storm is schedule to hit us 4pm-4am. Greattttt. 

We are probably going to be without power for a few days so don't look for anything new here for a while. I will try to play catch up in a few days!

Prayers for the Gulf Coast, the Florida panhandle, and all of South Georgia and Alabama. HURRICANE SEASON BE GONE!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Halloween: Disney-Style

We haven't been to Disney World in MONTHS and MONTHS because we didn't renew our annual passes (Eddie CLAIMS there are other things to do on the weekends and I guess he's right because we are BUSY, but I'm having withdrawals!). Halloween at Disney is SO much fun. We've been in October two different times and I really think it's a fun time to go. Don't believe ANY lies about it being less crowded, though. I've been every month of the year except August and September and it is VERY crowded in the fall. The least crowded trips for us have been at Mother's Day and in July.

Three years ago we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Will and I were thisclose to going back this year but the weekend we wanted to go the party was only on a Friday night and I was worried he'd be EXHAUSTED from school and traveling down so we just didn't do it. Maybe next year!

When we went in 2015 the boys dressed up as Copper and Tod from The Fox and the Hound.

So my tips for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party...

First, be SURE you are going on a day when you don't already have a ticket. You can enter the park as early as 4pm (guests without tickets to the party have to leave by 7pm, I think). When you arrive at 4, enjoy some rides. Once the party begins, ENJOY THE PARTY. So many people will tell you to ride rides because the lines are short, and while that is true, my thought is you're paying for the party experience. There are characters that rarely come out and parades, shows, and fireworks that are only seen at the party. Take advantage! Those are SO GOOD!

We took the boys when they were TOO young. Right now they'd be perfect. Make sure your kiddos can hang from 4pm-midnight. You don't want to have to leave early. I am hoping that we can try this again next year when the boys are 7 and 10. It is not scary, but it is crowded and a late night

Trick or Treat! Disney gives out the good candy. We didn't do a great job of trick or treating and I hate that.

Dress up, but remember that you're in Florida. Don't put your kids in something that will make them melt.

Last year in October we went to Disney for James' birthday. We just went to Magic Kingdom one night (we went to Hollywood that morning and then took a nap) to see the decorations all lit up. The pumpkin scarecrows on Main Street are my favorite.

We also went to Hoop Dee Doo Revue last year in October. I HIGHLY recommend this show ANY time of the year. It's our favorite!

Enjoy! And take me with you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

School Fall Festival

This sweet boy and I went to his school's Fall Festival yesterday and had a fun time! They had punch-tickets that you could buy to participate in all of the activities. It was such a fun little fundraiser for the school. James had baseball (and was NOT happy to have to miss) so Will and I had ourselves a little date. We actually don't know many people at our new school yet so we just stuck to ourselves. It was a great night to kick off fall! We even got to shop at the Book Fair before we left!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Undone Caramel Apples

I learned last year that with kids (well, and even for myself!) it is easier to eat a caramel apple when it is NOT whole and on a stick. They're cute and all, but let's get real...they are a MESS. So last year we sliced our apples, drizzled caramel on top, and it was a huge win! So we repeated that this year.

I'm going to be honest and say that we had an EPIC meltdown during this. Will had a rough afternoon at school and then we started our afternoon by getting flu shots. So when the caramel started to make a mess he just lost it. After calming down I realized that what he wanted was to DIP his we made that his way and carried on! The point is that apples + caramel are delicious so however you can get them into your mouth is a good thing!

Monday, October 1, 2018

It's the Great Pumpkin!

I always feel a little like Linus each year when October rolls around. It's my FAVORITE MONTH of the whole year! The only thing that could make it more perfect would be if I could take the whole month off of work to enjoy it and if it was just a TEENSY bit cooler. COME ON, fall! I'd be like Linus sitting in the pumpkin patch waiting if I could, though. It's just so fun and exciting!

We kicked things off on Friday night while Eddie was out of town (he doesn't care a THING about Halloween so he didn't miss out!). I asked the boys which movie we wanted to kick Halloween off with and they both said The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Will is my fellow Halloween-lover. James doesn't like anything remotely scary so I'll be surprised if he wants to watch any of the other movies on my list. Charlie Brown is the perfect speed for him!

Before we watched the movie, I pulled out the ingredients for a YUMMY Great Pumpkin dessert. These were super easy - buy pudding cups, Oreos, and candy pumpkins and assemble! Easy peasy and yummy and fun!

{We found the Charlie Brown pjs at TJ Maxx last year.}

Sunday, September 30, 2018

It's Coming...

Long time, no blog!!! But it's almost here! My FAVORITE month! The month that you KNOW I get so excited about each year! The month that I have the most fun planning really cool activities for my kids and going on lots of fun little outings. Sadly, we are ALMOST beyond the days of pumpkin patches and pumpkin spice play dough, but we're venturing into a stage of more really cool things as well. I'm going to do my very, very best to document the fun we have in October and I hope you'll come along with us! We're back! Even if just for a little while!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Chop On!

Back on June 1st we hit the road to Atlanta to see a Braves vs. Nationals game with Grandmama, Granddaddy, Kelly, and some friends from church. I was CRANKY about it because we had planned to leave for the beach that day (we decided to go the next day) and I needed to be packing for the beach trip AND then we were in the middle of Rain All the Time in Georgia and it just didn't look like any fun. I also have a control problem and the idea of riding a bus (we chartered so we could all ride together) and not having an escape plan (I like to have a way to leave if I need to) was just throwing me for a loop. Thankfully, I got on the bus and went because we had a FANTASTIC time. 

James was HILARIOUS to watch all day long. He is currently the Braves BIGGEST fan. He knows all the players, where they're from, their stats, how old they are, etc., etc., etc. He is one of those people that can tell you the score of a game from years ago (or months in his short lifetime) and knows exactly what happened in that game. It's funny. We've sort of jumped on the bandwagon with him. We've gone from RARELY watching baseball (Eddie likes it, just isn't a die hard fan) to watching EVERY SINGLE Braves game and if we miss it looking up the scores later. We did this during football season, too. James is just ALL into ALL the sports right now.

We had GREAT seats this time. We sat one or two sections closer last time and on the back row of the lower level. It was easy to get up (just climb over the seat!), but this time the section above us didn't keep us from seeing ANYTHING. We look like we're way in the outfield in this section, but they were great seats. And covered in case the rain had continued!

Will isn't quite as into sports, but he enjoyed (most of) the experience. He is ALL into talking to everyone right now. He will walk up to any stranger and ask that person what's on his mind. The highlight of his day was listening to some guys play buckets (I have no idea if it's what they call it, but it's what they were doing) before the game. After they were done drumming, he walked up to one to let them know he enjoyed it and that they did an awesome job! Lol! He also danced (while he wasn't whining that JAMES was sitting next to his friend Gage and why couldn't HE!?!) and ate all the snacks. He has talked a LOT about it since.

(Someone commented that the man next to Will looks annoyed at his's Eddie's daddy. HA! He may be annoyed, but he's so used to Will that I feel certain he isn't!)

The highlight of James' night was getting Charlie Culberson's autograph. We read before the game that you could go down to the dugout for "high fives" from players before the game. We made our way down to where the crowd was and waited for a while. We wondered if they might not do it because it was rainy. A few players started to trickle out and Ozzie Albies and Dansby Swanson came out. Ozzie and Dansby are two of James' FAVORITES players (along with Ender Inciarte and Freddie Freeman) and James knew exactly who they were. They stood around in the dugout away from us for a bit and James proceeded to YELL their names over and over. They never acknowledged him or the other kids standing by the dugout, but we saw them. Then Charlie Culberson walked out and came over to sign autographs. It dawned on me that we had NOTHING to sign. I finally handed James a ticket and a pen I had in my wallet and got him to sign that. James was THRILLED and Charlie soared to the top of the list for James as well. (For the record, Will was there for a while and then got bored and went to his seat. James persevered so he has an autograph to show for it. Just didn't want anyone thinking that poor Will didn't get one, too. He didn't...but he could have.)

I think this is A.J. Minter

Culberson signing autographs. James is in the Freeman jersey reaching. (If you go and want to do this, the BEST spot is the corner right at the dugout and the wall in front. We were too far back even though we could see into the dugout.)


We didn't get back home until almost 3AM, but it was well worth it. Great friends, great seats, great time!

(This is a Bryce Harper strike out for the win, which is apparently a BIG deal. He's supposed to be pretty good, but I think he struck out TWICE that night!)