Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back to School!

I just realized I've never written ANYTHING about the boys going back to school! What?! Y'all. Work is insane. My job is really only 3/4 time, but I've been working from the minute the boys go to school until the minute I pick them up each day. I came home yesterday at 1pm and that was the earliest I'd been home in WEEKS. I am hoping that when school starts on Monday it will calm down some and I will have time to EAT. Someone told me the other day I looked like I'd lost weight. It is simply because I am down to one meal a day at this point. Lol!

The boys went back to school on August 1st (ridiculous) and we have pretty much gotten into the swing of things. Will started KINDERGARTEN this year, so the boys are together at the same school and will be for the four years. We are being re-zoned next year, but elementary school will go through 5th grade, so I'm happy with that. James started 2nd grade and I just can't even believe it. 2nd grade was probably my favorite year EVER and I hope he loves it, too.

Will is in Mrs. J's class this year. I'm not sure how much I posted this summer about our sweet babysitter, but Will's teacher is her mama. We had our fingers crossed that we'd either get her or James' kindergarten teacher, so we are happy, happy, happy! He has a class full of kids he knows really well. He hasn't had a single moment of being upset at drop-off, although he is VERY tired when I pick him up in the afternoons, so our time spent at home has been a little volatile. He's our child with a temper and he will erupt like a volcano. He is also our more laid-back kiddo. I'm not sure how that works out, but it did. He will be PERFECTLY happy and content and then explode. Lol! So we've been working on that.

James has Mrs. W this year. He has a few kids in her class that he knows, but not many. Most importantly, his bff JM is in there with him. He and John Michael have been together in the same class for five years now. I'm not sure what they'll do without each other if JM doesn't move to our new school next year. (His mama is a teacher so he could stay with her or re-zone. We will see!) James is also still going to his gifted class every day with Mrs. H. They are reading Charlotte's Web right now, and I am THRILLED about that! What an awesome book! (Remember when James and I read it when he was three and I made him do a book review on it? HERE)

My school year begins on Monday. I've stepped into the position of director at our preschool and while I have loved most of it, it isn't without it's challenges. Keeping parents happy and keeping 22 female teachers happy are the biggest challenges so far. Lol! I'm hoping that our school year is amazing!

School is pretty much the only thing going on here. James and Eddie started Cub Scouts back up this week. We are hoping he continues to love that. He is taking the fall off of sports and I'm THRILLED with that. Will is considering doing a gymnastics class starting in September. He thinks it will help in his goal of one day becoming an American Ninja Warrior (or War-yer - rhymes with hair - as he calls it!). Both are doing church activities and choir, too. 

Sorry the updates aren't coming as frequently these days as they did years ago. Sometimes I miss the days where James went to school two days a week and we stayed home more than we were out. Now, we're pretty much home when we fall into bed at night. I am not a fan of busy-ness, so that is unfortunate to me. I know it won't slow down for a LONG time, so on the days where we DON'T have things planned, I pretty much pretend we aren't here and just shut down.

This morning the boys are gone to church with Eddie and I got up, enjoyed drinking my coffee and watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and talking to YOU!

Y'all have an awesome weekend!

Monday, July 10, 2017


A few months ago, a friend of mine contacted me and said she wanted me to start a rock painting and hiding group for our town. She lives in Jesup, but she thought our little town (and her hometown) would like it, too. She got the Facebook page all set up for us and then several of us added local friends to get it going. And then, I stopped participating. Ha! It was right at the end of the school year and I just didn't have the time to do anything with it. Well. It has TAKEN OFF in our town. We have almost 1500 members and people are hiding and seeking like crazy!

In case you aren't familiar, the premise is a lot like Easter Eggs. I paint rocks, hide them and post pictures with clues about where they're hidden, and someone else comes along and finds its, posts a picture, and re-hides my rock. Does that make sense? Think Easter Egg hunt meets geocaching.

The boys have LOVED it. We've painted and hidden and found a lot! 

If you're interested in getting it started for your area, just create a Facebook page with some guidelines and ideas so people "get" it and then add a bunch of your local friends. We hashtag all of our rocks so that if someone isn't part of the group, they'll be able to find us if they find a rock.

We have had so much fun doing this! I love the painting the most, but the boys LOVE finding them and they LOVE people finding (and posting) theirs!

Anyone else doing this in your own town?

Friday, June 30, 2017


We just wrapped up another week of Bible School. The boys LOVE this every single year. I am not the biggest VBS fan (Scrooge over here!), but the boys love it. James was awake until 11pm on Sunday night and up at 6:30am on Monday because he was so excited.

I worked in the adult snack room for the second year in a row. It's where I'm happy. I'm able to see my kiddos, it's easy, and it is low on the stimulation. Everything is so LOUD at VBS!

We had a fun week learning about God and making new friends! We're always exhausted after it's over, but it is 11pm and my boys aren't HOME. *Gasp* They went with their cousins to Wild Adventures today and didn't leave the park until an hour ago. Oh my word, they are going to be SO TIRED tomorrow. Fingers crossed they will take a good, long nap or sleep late!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Summer List Update...

So far, we have had the BUSIEST SUMMER EVER. There has not been one single morning of sleeping in with nothing to do yet. Bummer! I'm working a few days a week so the boys have had a babysitter with them. We've also had four mornings of tennis camp (with four more next week and the week after!), we've gone out of town, and we've just been BUSY. Stink! We need more weeks and weekENDS this summer.

Today is the first day all summer that I've slept late. I got up about 9AM and there was no one home! The boys are at Grandmama's putting together a batting cage and Eddie was at church for Methodist Men. It has been so quiet all morning and I have enjoyed sitting in my chair drinking my coffee and reading!

We are rocking and rolling on our summer list, so I thought I'd share the updated version! Will has also had his date with me, I just forgot to mark it off. 

James is reading like a crazy man. I think he's up to 7 or 8 books (or more) by now. He is REALLY loving the Geronimo Stilton series, in case you're looking for something for your own child. I've been working on a Mary Kay Andrews book and Eddie has been reading a book called Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jones that I picked up for myself at the library a few weeks ago. I've also been reading  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the boys at night when I can. We're almost finished with it and when we are, we'll watch both movies just for fun.

We went to Lake Oconee for Memorial Day weekend and marked several things off while we were there. 

We went on our family vacation already and I'll blog about that sometime soon. Things didn't go as planned, but we tried to make the best of it and we still had a really fun time.

We've already had a few Family Game Nights. The boys almost always choose Monopoly for those. We have a few versions of Monopoly - the one with the credit card (which they've never played), Jurassic World, and Disney (the one with the castle). They're all the same game, but they have different places on the spaces. We set a timer (usually for an hour) and then when the timer goes off, we count everyone's money. We've never FINISHED a game. Lol!

Our ice cream floats were fun! Bluebell vanilla ice cream + Coke. Neither boy loved it (and I don't either), but it was a fun one nevertheless!

We are enjoying our time out of school! Hopefully we'll get more of our fun marked off in the coming weeks!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

First and Last.

Just like every year, I wanted to do a comparison of our first days and last days of school. They've done some growing and changing this year! I sure do miss James' baby teeth! Adult teeth make him look so grown up! Please note how much harder I try on clothes at the beginning of the year. I am PUMPED that the boys have to wear uniforms in the fall because that means polo shirts every day. I love a little boy in a polo!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sweet Summertime!

This is really, really hodgepodge and pieced together, but we've had a few weeks of summer so far and we're enjoying it!

Here's my Mother's Day picture in case you missed it. How'd I get so lucky?

Well, Mr. William graduated from Pre-K in a sweet little ceremony two weeks ago. I would recap it for you, but I had to speak at it so I was doing deep breathing exercises and trying not to have a heart attack and don't remember any of it. I have to speak at all of them from now until I retire, so I'd better get used to it. I may or may not be signing up for a public speaking class this summer. #drymouth #heartpounding

Will also had his last day of school two Wednesdays ago! We are so happy that summer is here for us!

James got out last Thursday so he joined us in vacation-mode and we'll send Eddie off each morning since he doesn't get a break. Just kidding. We may not be awake when he leaves every day! Lol!

We have a babysitter coming two days a week this summer to occupy the boys while I have some office hours. She's come three times so far and the boys LOVED her. Hopefully, they'll have some fun this summer while I am busy.

Two weeks ago, Will and I went on our first-ever Mother/Son vacation together! James and I haven't ever done this, but let me tell you...he's already put in for his trip. I bet you'll never guess where we went!? Where else???

'Twas the hottest I've EVER been at Disney World EVER.

It rained on us ALMOST the whole time we were at Animal Kingdom on Day 2. It made things interesting, but it wasn't too terrible.

I will say that I was VERY nervous about how going alone would go down. The only times I ran into problems were when we were eating and using the bathroom. When eating, I had a tray and a stroller. I made Will get out and push the stroller while I carried our food, but finding a table while doing those things was rough. When we went to the bathroom, most of the time we went in together and I told him where to meet me when we were finished (right at the mirror before going out the door), BUT a few times I had the stroller and needed to wait outside on him. I sent him in and he used the bathroom while I waited. And ONCE I left him in the stroller right outside the bathroom door while I ran in. That was tricky, but overall we felt very safe. I was more worried about him wandering than getting snatched. We lucked out with our hotel room. It was SUPER close to the parking lot. I packed one rolling suitcase for both of us, a bathroom bag, a bag with shoes (we each only wore one pair, but I had an extra pair for each of us and a pair of flip flops for me), a cooler, and Will had a backpack full of stuffed animals. I put one bag on top of the rolling suitcase and he rolled that and wore his backpack. I wore my backpack and carried the bathroom bag, shoe bag, and cooler.  I'll recap our whole trip at some point. (Also: Please note the number of good photos from Photo Pass. BUY IT. I have people ask all the time if it's worth it. YES. We stop at every photographer we see {Eddie is a pro at scoping them out!} and get pictures made. I take a minimal number of pictures on my phone and then I'm able to enjoy our trip!)

James' last week of school was fun. He will miss his teacher and his class, I know. He had a drumming program the last two weeks of school through his music class. Grandmama took him to the family drumming night since Eddie and I couldn't go. James had a lot of fun!

We went to Lake Oconee for Memorial Day weekend and had a great time. Thankfully, it didn't rain like I'd expected. The boys had a grand time.

Other random things: 

Dentist appointments.

Cousin love.


James' team beat the #2 team in the league on the last game. There's a tournament left and then the season's over.

Duplo building.

Merritt being a pain. She was faking being asleep so I wouldn't hold her. #annoying

Reading! WOOT!

James is taking at least two weeks of tennis this summer. (He's signed up for two but I will add more if he wants them.)

(Our coaches are BIG proponents of reading so they read during water breaks. James volunteered first. #Shocker)

We're having a fun summer so far! Hope y'all are, too!