Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yardsale Weekend!

A few weeks ago our friends, the Trains, mentioned something about trying to have a yardsale. Lauren is pregnant and because they'll be rearranging rooms for their children soon, she's been cleaning out and organizing. I have an on-going pile of "Goodwill" items in our dining room almost all the time so I had some things that we could throw into a yardsale as well. After doing some finagling we decided that the first weekend in August worked best for all of us. This was about two weeks ago. Cue obsessive junk roundup. :)

Friday night we headed over to the Trains to set up. We had lots of little items. Nothing over $20. The Trains had several items that were more expensive that they were trying to get rid of. Between our two families we set up about six folding tables plus some items in boxes on the ground. LOTS OF JUNK.

Saturday morning Eddie got up bright and early and headed to the Trains around 6:30. He and Comer pulled out all the stuff and the two men, plus Lauren opened the sale. I stayed home with my two littles. It seemed like unnecessary torture to wake them up that early to go and sit in someone else's driveway in the heat. James slept until 8 AM. He was in my bed and I think I woke him when I went to brush my teeth. I wonder if he would've slept longer had I not gone in there. We woke Will around 8:30 and headed to the Trains a little before 9 AM.

The crowd was pretty steady until right around noon. Lots of sales were made! We had lots of people ask if we were selling kids clothes and toys so at some point we think we might be able to make some money off of those items! :)

After we were finished we grabbed Chick-fil-A with the Trains and then headed home. Both boys were done. I fed Will and everyone took a nap. James slept for just an hour and a half before he was rarin' to go again. He has more energy...

Eddie did some yardwork and then we threw pork chops and corn on the grill for dinner.

Sunday we went to church. Our Sunday School was having Promotion Sunday but since our children are not Sunday School age yet, we didn't have to go to the ceremony. I think we go next year! Our classes is FULL of parents, though, so we didn't meet either. We headed home after church and the big boys went and picked up Mexican while Will, Scout, and I hung out in the den while it flooded outside. It was raining so hard that the big boys had to change clothes when they came home. Ha!

We ALL took excellent naps on Saturday afternoon. All four of us! It was fantastic. We were supposed to head up to Macon to eat dinner with some friends of ours but they wound up having to be somewhere so our time would have been cut really short. Hopefully we can get together again very soon!

Monday was more of the same around these parts. I made Will's babyfood for the week. I'll have a post on that soon (James was a Gerber baby and so far everything {minus cereals} have been homemade for Will).

We enjoyed our weekend! Next weekend James will be at Papa and YaYa's so we have a HUGE list of things that we need to get done! James and I are working on knocking off a few more of our Summer Goals this week. School starts in THREE weeks for him! This summer has flown by!

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kellimoss said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Your boys are precious! And pretty close to 2 of my guys age. Knox is 7 months and Ledger will be 3 in November. Have a good day :)