Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Late 4th!

Hope everyone's 4th of July was wonderful! We spent our's at Lake Blackshear with the family. We didn't get to watch much of the fireworks this year...both of our dogs were in RARE form - Mosbey was BARKING at the fireworks - so we left Eddie's family out on the dock, took the two babies inside, and watched the fireworks on NBC. We were exhausted anyway!

I may have GOOD NEWS on the house-hunting ventures very soon. I don't want to jinx our chances like I did last time so I'll wait and post pictures and all until we know for sure. But I'm hoping that this one is for sure! If it is "the one" we'll have to wait 30 days to close on it because it currently has renters in it. I guess that will give us time to get married, honeymoon, and pack before having to move. A blessing in disguise!

11 days left until D-Day. I go from being VERY nervous to not being nervous at all. I'm sure the day of will prove to be a roller-coaster.

I've been busy today packing up the house to move. I'm not even half-way packed and I'm already worn out from it! Then we have EDDIE's house to pack, too! Good thing we have some time between now and when our house will close!

I'll update more when there's something more exciting going on. Everything is pretty much the same here these days! Can't wait to see everyone at the wedding!!!
Picture at right is from the Recipe and Spice Shower in Alpharetta. I'm with Lindsey and Grandmommie!

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ZC said...

Congrats on getting married! You will be a beautiful bride. I can't wait to see pics. Enjoy every minute of your wonderful day!-Tee