Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh my...

Well we're down to 19 days and I'm a little bit panicky. I still have a TON of things to do on my list and I'm not sure when I'll ever get it all done. Eddie and I spent the weekend with Dad and Laura because I had a Recipe and Spice Shower in Atlanta given by Grandmommie. I had a really good time and I came home with LOTS of fun recipes! One of my favorite things was a framed recipe called "Recipe for a Happy Marriage." I'm planning on using that one again if I get invited to any kitchen showers for girlfriends in the future. It's the sweetest thing and I can't wait to put it in my kitchen.

On that note...houses. Eddie and I have battled back and forth for a foreclosurer in Warner Robins to no avail. It's been several weeks and they've been very slow. We started our offers low because that was what all of our "mentors" were telling us - my dad, Eddie's dad, and a realtor friend. We've responded to all of their offers, upping our offer by a few thousand dollars each time. We're still several thousand dollars apart from what the bank wants and they sent us a message last week via Realtors saying that we'd need to get closer to what their offer was in order to continue...which is a little strange to me since they've been talking to us for weeks already. Anyway, I feel like you should get an offer and turn around and make a counter-offer but the bank is moving VERY slowly on all of their counters. SO...after all of these weeks (basically the whole month of June) we've still only made about 4 offers or so on the house.

So on Friday I met Eddie in Perry at his office and we looked at 2 more houses. One house is in the same neighborhood as the dream house (and as we rode by we saw someone getting it move-in ready *tear*) and is owned by a couple in their 70-s who wants (I'm an English teacher but that doesn't look CLOSE to grammatically apologies if it's not...I'm a little brain-fried lately!) to move to Florida where they'll be closer to one of their children. The house is cute and we could be interested in it. They want to leave a lot of their furniture which is a little weird to me, but whatever...yard sale, I guess! The second house is one we've looked at at least one other time. It's a nice brick house with a strange floor plan. The kitchen is's huge and open which I LOVE. It needs a little work (mostly some wallpaper removal) but the kitchen is probably my favorite part and I like that a lot. The weird part is that it's not a split floorplan - meaning the master bedroom is on the same side of the house as the rest of the bedrooms. This isn't bad for us now at all since we don't have kids...but I think once we do have kids we'd want the split floorplan...especially when they're older. Off of the kitchen is a nice sized bonus room with a half-bath in it. I'd never seen anything like that before. It's almost like it should be a mother-in-law suite but it doesn't have the full bath for that. So...that's one of the things I don't like. The other thing is that when you walk into the house from the garage you have to walk through the laundry room...I guess I'll leave the garage down most of the time and make guests come in the other way! I think I like the second house more...but I'm not sure why. I think we're going to be making an offer on it, though. So that's the house update! Hopefully we'll have something in the works BEFORE the wedding! It'd be nice to come back from our honeymoon with something in the works and getting ready to be moved into!

I'll be in Tifton this week until Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon...not sure which one yet. We'll be at the lake this weekend with some of Eddie's family. I may go up on Wednesday night to look at wedding rings that were ordered for me. Hopefully I'll like one of them...I can't get the one that I REALLY wanted (an eternity band) because our jeweler can't find one that is curved - my band has to be curved in order to sit up against my engagement ring. I'm not sure why this is...possibly because it's a princess cut instead of round. The curved wasn't my first choice but it DEFINITELY looks better on.

That's about it for the update. I know I've promised pictures from my girls' weekend at the beach but I haven't gotten them from Anna yet - she was sick this weekend and didn't make it to Atlanta. I'll update on the pictures soon, though!


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