Monday, June 23, 2008

What a FUN Weekend!

We had my Bachelorette this weekend in St. Augustine. It was SO much fun. It was very laid-back and fun just like I'd requested. It was more a girls' weekend away than a Bachelorette and I loved every minute of it. Anna and the others did a great job planning!!! I want to make it an annual affair!

On Friday morning I helped Eddie run a few errands and then head off with the boys to Lee's in Newnan (little will be said about their weekend...). At 1 o'clock Lib, Amy, MaraDare, Shelley, and Lori met me here and we piled into the Warren's Expedition and headed out. We drove to the outlet mall in S.A. and did a little shopping before we headed to the condo. That night we had dinner at J.T.'s where Anna H. and Anna C. met us. The food was DELICIOUS! We all raved over everything we ate - and I think the tartar sauce was the best any of us had ever had! Later Friday night they had my lingerie shower and I got lots of cute stuff...not much trashy stuff unless you count the nastiness that a certain someone included (*cough* SHELLEY *cough*). I am so lucky to have such sweet friends...they've given me SO much throughout this whole engagement. I can't believe how incredibly generous they've been! We stayed up chatting and eating cookies (*wink*) and then headed to bed late. Lib and I stayed up talking until about 2 AM. It was so nice to catch up with her!!!

On Saturday morning we got up and headed to the beach after breakfast and a birthday celebration for Amy. Happy 31st! We spent a few hours on the beach and it felt wonderful! There was a nice breeze and it wasn't too hot. MaraDare, Shelley, Lori, and I walked for a bit and by the time we got back it was getting to be lunchtime. It also started to look like it might rain. Anna and Anna decided to drive down to Publix and pick up sandwiches for all of us. They were GREAT! (Do you see the trend here with how much we enjoy food???) It did rain after lunch so we spent a little time laying around before getting ready for dinner. I got all dressed up in my finest (pictures will follow soon...none were taken on my camera) and we went all the way up to Cap's to eat. It was also DELISH! After Cap's we took a ghost tour through town. Poor Anna worked so hard to get it together and we had the most pitiful tour guide. Derek was a first-timer at giving the tours and it showed. We had a fun time laughing at all he told us, though! I would absolutely do one again! We tried to go out for a drink after the ghost tour but the town seemed to become a ghost town (we later found where the nightlife was) so we headed back to the condos. We didn't stay up quite as late on Saturday night.

Sunday was much the same for us. We went down to the beach and saw TONS of dolphins. We watched them the whole time we were outside! I got some great sun that day but it was VERY hot! We stayed out until lunchtime and we headed back in to pack up and change and head for home. We loved Publix so much that we went back for seconds yesterday and it was well worth it!

I have so much fun with my girlfriends when I'm with them. I really hope that we can continue the traditions that we've started with Dinner Club and I hope to add a few more in. We all talked about a trip with the guys and I think that's a great idea! Hopefully we'll get that together in the future and have a fun time with that as well. I'm looking forward to the next trip, girls!!! I love you all!

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