Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last Minute Details...

Only 5 days left until the day of the wedding. I'm MUCH calmer than I have been in days past. Thank goodness! I don't have TOO much left on my to-do list and what IS on there will be taken care of the in next few days. Eddie left tonight to go back to the lake and will be working Monday and Tuesday of this week.

I'm going to have my hair practiced on tomorrow...that'll be fun and exciting.

Well...we have an announcement to make. WE FOUND A HOUSE! Finally!!! It's one that we looked at back in May but we found another that we liked and pursued it instead...then we went back to the first one. We've battled back and forth for about two weeks but we've finally reached an agreement with the owner and we are now under contract! Woo hoo! I'm THRILLED that it's happening right before the wedding because that's one less thing to worry about. The house has a renter in it so we can't begin work on it for a month but it looks like we'll probably be in around Labor Day weekend. We're very excited...I CAN'T WAIT to begin working on it! Yea!!!

Front of the house:

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Anonymous said...

The house is so cute! Im so excited for ya'll & can't wait for this weekend!