Friday, August 14, 2015

KEEP Collective.

Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment. Maybe I love to be busy. Maybe I'm just plain crazy. I was hosting a party for a Jamberry customer who sells KEEP Collective and I got so caught up in the fun of it all that I signed up to be a Designer. YES! I'm still going to be doing Jamberry. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. {I had TWO people text me and tell me I needed to sign up, ONE person say she would sign up under me, and ONE person tell me she would order all of her teacher gifts from me. How can I say no to that?} The plan {for now} is to keep busting my booty with Jamberry because I love it and I BIG PUFFY HEART LOVE my team. They make it amazing. I'm tacking this on as well and I will do "socials" as I can and try to build a business, but not abandon Jamberry. So "job" number three the week before I go back to work for "job" number one {rocking babies} which has actually been increased to four days a week this year. Glutton. for. punishment.

SO. Will you indulge me for a minute and let me show you exactly what KEEP Collective is? Keep was founded by the creators of Stella & Dot. It is made up of Keepers {bracelets and necklaces} and Keys {accents that you can slide on the Keepers like a charm bracelet}. Each piece is "...a wearable touchstone, an instant reminder of the big things, the small things, and all the things that matter."

I have had THE MOST FUN this week listening to friends describe their hobbies and interests and piecing together something special for them. That's what sealed the deal for me. One friend created a bracelet for her daughter to give her when she's older. Another is shopping for her best friend. Another for her sister-in-law and niece. The possibilities are endless.

I would love to help you create your own story. My website is HERE. I'd be EXTREMELY happy, too, for you to host your own social so I could share with your friends! I do Facebook parties with Jamberry OFTEN and they are fun and easy. If you're close, I'll be happy to come to you so that your friends can see and try on the pieces. That's another thing that sealed the deal for me. My friends wanted to shop, but they wanted to SEE the pieces in person!

Thanks so much for letting me share this! I know it's not normal blog stuff, but I think it's so fun!


Lauren said...

So excited for you!

Jen said...

This is dangerous!