Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Island Time.

The third week of July we loaded up on a Monday morning and headed over to Anna's house on the island. Last time Mom and I tried to go out of town together my car broke down. This time my car was working fine, but the boys' headphones gave out. We have GOT to get this out-of-town thing working.

We arrived at Anna's and immediately headed downtown to find the pressed penny maker. Have I mentioned how obsessed James is with pressed pennies? Anytime we go out of town he makes me look on the Georgia pressed pennies website to see if there will be a machine close to where we're going. Thankfully for him, there was one on the island so we headed over to grab our pennies and then we wandered around the downtown area. I should've known how the three days we would be there would go just by Will's behavior the first hour. *Insert me shaking my head.*

We had supper at Half Shell (I think that's the name of it), walked on the pier, played on the playground, and wandered around at the lighthouse on our first day.

{Can you tell who staged this photo?}

The next morning we started off at Fort Frederica which was SO MUCH FUN. It was very kid friendly and interactive and the boys really enjoyed it. I would love to go back again and read everything and watch the movie WITHOUT my children, but they liked a lot of it. Crossed National Park off of our bucket list, too! Later we went to the lighthouse. Will isn't tall enough to climb the one in St. Augustine so he was THRILLED with being able to climb this one. He is obsessed with "light towers" right now and can spot one (a real one or a souvenir - like the full-size lighthouse table at Cracker Barrel right now!) a mile away. He was also the only one brave enough to climb to the top of the Coast Guard tower later in the day. It was HOT and muggy and lightning was popping so we did it quickly and went home.

On our last day we headed to Brunswick for school supplies at Target and lunch at a FAB Mexican restaurant. We don't have good Mexican. It was sooooo good.

Overall, I would say this was a good trip. It was just HARD without Eddie and two rambunctious boys. And it rained a good portion of the time. Next year if we do it again there will be a little bitty girl with us!

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Mrs. Harvey said...

I wish I had known you were in town! Next time, let me know! You can email me at mrsrachellharvey@gmail.com! I would love to catch up with you and get to meet you in person!!