Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Zoo Day!

On Monday, Mom and I took the boys to a small animal park about an hour away from us. We were concerned it might rain, but decided to go ahead and drive over because there's also an aquarium nearby that could be our Plan B. It wound up not raining at all AND was pleasant and not at all crowded. I really think there were about 4 other families there. They were having day camp, but the campers were well-contained and not really even where we were. {They were on the playground later, but even that wasn't terrible.}

The zoo is small and doesn't have a ton to see, but it is CHEAP and the boys are highly entertained by it. The best part is that by the time they're done and ready to go, we've seen everything anyway! There's a petting zoo, a reptile "house," a rhino, meerkats, cheetahs, monkeys, bears, bobcats, bald eagles, bison, and kangaroos. It's a step up from Bear Hollow in Athens or The Yellow River Game Ranch in Lilburn {although that's from my memory of it circa 1989}, but it is nowhere near real "zoo" status. {We've taken James twice and Will once, see HERE and HERE.} {Lauren Train, you must click on the first link. You won't believe our teensy babies.}

THIS was such a big deal! James was SO excited and not scared a BIT. Made me so happy. He's had such a tough time about snakes since his run-in with the one at our house and the rattlesnake at the lake. He was SO brave. He kept saying, "What kind of snake was that? A ball python?"

Note the sign. Please keep off the rails. They haven't met Will. We did keep a close watch on that monkey.

Last year he didn't even stretch to the 4' range. Booooohooooo.

{Funny side story about Cacky's hair. When she got in the car James looked at her funny. She said, "Do you not like my hair today?" and he WOULD NOT look at her. HAHAHAHAHA! I guess he was following the, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all," rule. Cracked me up. One time I asked if he liked my hair curled and he said, "Yes, Mom. And tomorrow if you do it straight it will look even better!"

After our zoo outing we went to the awesome playground that they have. We had a picnic {the boys INHALED their food} and then played for an hour. It was a great afternoon!


Anna Catherine said...

Their outfits are adorbs!

Anna Catherine said...

Cacky's hair is pretty cute too!

Lauren said...

Woah! AM was teeny and James looked so little! WAHHHHHH!!! ...and that was two kids ago for me! Have we known each other that long?! So glad yall had fun there! I have a feeling Comer will be Will - climbing on EVERYTHING! And how old is that boy holding the snake?! He looks like a child!