Monday, August 12, 2013

Trip to Chehaw.

I'm backing all the way up to last week because I got a bit behind.

Last Tuesday I had to be out of the house for most of the day so I convinced Mom to go with us to Chehaw Park. It's a little over an hour away for us so it's convenient enough to go  for a quick trip!

Do you see the joy on that boy's face? He was THRILLED to be feeding the animals!

The alligators were the favorite part of the day! James needed to see them twice. He told Cacky not to lean over or her sunglasses might fall off and they'd get eaten like his did last year.

Next up - Reptile House! Eeek!

We met this creepy fellow crossing the path as we continued on. We decided to let him get out of the way before we ventured any further.

Can you spot the bald eagle behind James?

This boy was thrilled to be sneaking a sip from his brother's cup!

James pointed out that we'd seen Five-Lined Skinks and a Gray Rat Snake OUT of cages on our trip to the zoo.

We had a fun visit to Chehaw. It wasn't the fanciest zoo, but it was fun for a morning outing. Maybe next time we go it won't be 100*!

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