Friday, June 6, 2014

Weekending and Pictures from the Week.

So, before I forget - today is the day. Today is the day that my sweet little baby boy is the same EXACT age that his brother was when he was born. Following me?

This boy:

is exactly the same age as this other boy on this day:

Meanwhile, I'm off in a corner sobbing. Okay, not really. But that sort of hurts my mama heart!

I never even posted our weekending update this week from last weekend. Better late than never, huh?

Last Friday James was off to the lake with Grandmama and Granddaddy for another race. What else? ;) He told me today he thinks he broke his foot running too much. *snort* Too much? Okay, then...Nevermind that he didn't mention this until three days after the race. He had a great weekend running, fishing, riding the jet ski, etc. 

Meanwhile, someone at home was NOT HAPPY that his Nee left him for the weekend. When Will woke up on Friday and realize James had gone with Grandmama he was SO mad. He was distracted only by Cacky and Kayla, who came to pick him up for a McDonald's date. He wound up spending the night.

Eddie and I had an impromptu date night. The boot store, TJMaxx, and picked up to-go Japanese {for me} and McDonald's {for him...ick}.

Saturday morning we got up and picked Will up and took him to ride the train. Little boy was a GROUCH, but we went ahead anyway. We picked up lunch and then spent the next three hours trying to convince him that he needed a NAP.

On Sunday I had plans with a friend to go to our VBS meeting at the church and then go to the movies to see Maleficent. Since I was tied up all afternoon, Eddie and Will headed to the lake before lunch. We all had a great afternoon. Maleficent was FANTASTIC. It was too scary for little children, even though it's PG, but for older ones and mamas it is GREAT.

We've been fairly busy again this week. On Monday we drove over to the animal park. On Tuesday the boys had "camp" at our church where they go to preschool. It was Wild West theme this week so I took two little cowboys to school that morning. Will was TOTALLY thrown off by not going to his regular room and then did not want me to leave him so I left him in the room with James and they swapped him over later. He's with the teacher he'll have in the fall so I'm glad he's already getting used to her. Wednesday the boys went with Grandmama and Kelly to pick blueberries and swim at Kelly's house. Thursday the boys had another day of "camp." Grandmama picked them up because I'd gone out of town for the morning. They spent the night with Grandmama last night. I had Bunco last night. Today the boys are still over at Grandmama's but should be home soon. I'm thinking we might either do Family Game Night or Movie Night tonight. I can't decide.

Monday's nap after the zoo looked like this.

And then, James wanted to play outside in the pool so he got Will's diaper off, a swim diaper on, and bathing suit on all by himself without asking.

Whose pool is it?

James brought home this cup from preschool a few weeks ago. He was completely bald. This has been the funniest thing. I gave him a "haircut" this week so he looks MUCH better.

Straw art! {Drip paint on your paper and blow through a straw to move it.} This was supposed to look like fireworks, but the paint wasn't quite thin enough. Still lots of fun!

Haircut on Tuesday! Whew! Probably five or six inches shorter. Not too short to pull up on top of my head but feels lighter and healthier. 

Yesterday I got my birthday gift from Mom. My birthday is in October. Took us a while to get around to actually using it. I had a little anti-aging treatment and picked up some skin care products. They take all your makeup off so their makeup man redid me after I was finished. I took this and sent it to Eddie with the message, "Botox done! Do I look younger?!" He called me as soon as he got it to confirm that I did not, in fact, get botox. I didn't.

I wish this had sound. This is what the boys looked like when Grandmama left. The SCREAMING and CRYING. For almost half an hour. Here's hoping they nap for several hours!!!

Next week is going to be REALLY hit-or-miss for me on the blog. We have VBS every day from 9-12:30 and then we run straight across town {well, I'll probably DRIVE us straight across town} to swimming lessons for both boys from 1-1:30. Whew! Send the prayers up for us because THAT is going to be nuts. I have a feeling that Mr. James is going to be swimming like a fish without swimmies by the end of next week. Little brother may be right behind him because they've both been doing great this year!

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