Monday, March 5, 2012

In Like a Lion...

This weekend flew by faster than most recently! We had a pretty fun one!

On Friday afternoon (after Will's appointment), Eddie stayed home and tried to get some work done in our office. James and I had a rough afternoon of not wanting to listen, tantrums, and no nap. I know it's just a stage, but I feel like all I ever do is discipline. *Sigh* Just part of this stage in the game, I suppose.

After the tantrums all afternoon we got brave and headed out to Old Navy. I need to find some clothes that actually fit me but apparently Old Navy is not the place for that. I'm still wearing maternity clothes for the most part and they look silly...but my regular clothes are still too tight.

We headed to eat Mexican after the downer at Old Navy. Not our regular Mexican place, but one that is right next to Publix. Sadly, not much went right here. We had a 15-20 minute wait (which is nothing when you don't have a two-year-old with you), someone *ahem* wouldn't stay on his bottom in his booster seat, the place was LOUD, and just wasn't great. Boo! It was nice to actually eat out (Will's second time, I think) but I'm not sure we had much conversation other than "Please stay on your bottom," and "You need to wipe your chip across the bowl so that cheese dip doesn't get all over the table," and "Please use your fork and not your fingers." Ha!

We had out-of-town plans for the day on Saturday so once we got home and James was in the bed, Will helped me pack our diaper bags:

On Saturday morning, we got up and ready to head to Atlanta for Papa's birthday. Things were going great! We were actually heading out the door at 8:30 - my projected time of departure! The car was packed, the boys were in, and Eddie and I ran back in for one last load of stuff. When we opened the door to go back out the rain (that hadn't been there five seconds before) was coming down hard and sideways...and THEN it started to hail. If the boys hadn't been in the car I would've just stayed inside and waited it out, but we had to RUN. I jumped in the car completely wet and couldn't get my door closed AND I knocked my coffee over and sat on my breakfast. I hadn't had one single hormonal meltdown since having Will, but apparently this was the trigger. I burst into tears, screamed, and threw the pacis in my hand. Certainly not my finest moment. James joined in on the crying and Eddie looked at us like we'd lost our minds. Finally, I got it together and went back in the house to get dry clothes, dry my hair, and pull myself together. Thankfully, that was the worst of the trip! March has definitely come in like a lion here! Storms and rain and lots and lots of wind...but thankfully no tornadoes here yet.

We got to Atlantic Station mid-morning and YaYa met us to pick up James. We needed to make a quick (hardy har har) trip to IKEA and knew that James would much prefer a trip to Papa and YaYa's earlier instead of mid-afternoon.

IKEA was its normal self! I always feel like I'm at the airport when I'm there. It's too crowded, there is an eclectic grouping of cultures in one place, and I feel trapped. I get that they have tons of fun stuff, but it's not my favorite shopping experience. We got what we were after and a few extras but still spent over two hours there. We'd planned to run three more errands but by the time we were done there, we decided it might be nice to actually SEE my dad on his birthday instead of other shoppers. I guess we'll make another trip to Atlanta soon for Pottery Barn Kids, Babies 'R Us, and Play It Again Sports. (Funny story, I asked Eddie why he needed to go to Play It Again Sports and he said he was looking for something that would keep him from getting fatter. When I mentioned maybe not eating cookies after every meal he looked at me like I'd lost my mind and said, "Something other than that horrible idea!" Ha!)

The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing at Dad and Laura's house, visiting with Grandmommie and John (and briefly Anna and Lance). We had a fun visit with them!

Sadly, after a bath for James, California Pizza Kitchen for all of us, and one last snack for Will, we had to head home. Both boys slept the whole way (and Eddie slept through Macon, I think...and he was driving!) and James didn't wake up until Sunday morning! Hallelujah!

Sunday morning the big boys went to church and Sunday School. Will and I stayed home and he slept while I tidied up around the house. After church and lunch everyone took a nap. I took a great nap! Wasted the entire afternoon! We lazed around for the rest of the day. Will got an afternoon bath and Eddie got the new fireplace going for us. It was so nice to sit and look at the fire! Does anyone else love doing that? Eddie couldn't understand why I was so insistent on having a fire yesterday! ( was barely cold but "winter" is almost over, sir!) We honestly didn't do much more than clean, be lazy, and stare at the fire the whole day! Ha!


Our week isn't looking quite as full as they were pre-baby, but we still have a good bit going on. Eddie has a few nights of rehearsal, I have some friends stopping by, James has school, and I'm going to *try* to make it to Book Club...I haven't been since I hosted at my house before anyone even knew I was pregnant! Yikes! I've still be reading along, though! Next weekend we are SLAMMED with things going on. Hopefully both boys will be wonderful and patient! :)

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Amy said...

i'm impressed! look at you blogging, traveling, shopping - go lauren!
who do you think will looks like? i think he looks like baby james, but not so much james right now (if that makes any sense...) but some of the baby pics of james on the blog look like will, maybe it's cause now james has more hair that they don't look as much alike to me??? either way, they're both precious!! :)