Friday, March 2, 2012

First Well Check!

Will's first well checkup was this afternoon. He'd been to the doctor once before to have his jaundice checked, but this was his first well-baby visit. Today was his two-week checkup but he's officially two weeks, four days today.

Not the prettiest picture, but at least I took one!

Will's appointment was just after 1pm so Eddie came home to stay with James and he arranged to have the gas for our new gas logs hooked up. (Gas logs have been a long time coming! Thank goodness we haven't needed them this year! I was tempted to turn them on and have the fan going tonight just to enjoy them!)

Will and I got there and checked in and I sat and enjoyed the fact that taking a newborn to the doctor's office is the EASIEST THING EVER. Hindsight is definitely 20/20...I probably whined about how heavy James' carseat was and how awful it was to pack a big diaper bag with James. Woe is me, right? HA! My mama laughed at me about this today!

My little chunk weighed in at 8 pounds, 7.5 ounces (he was 7 pounds, 5 ounces at birth) and was 20 inches long (ummm...he was 20.5 at birth so somewhere he was mis-measured...or maybe his head was a little squished when he was born!).

When Dr. W. walked in he asked if we'd been contacted by the hospital about his hearing test. I was a bit confused; the nurse told me he'd passed it but I hadn't been told anything else. Dr. W. shook his head and told me that he'd failed his hearing test. Umm...what? He went to get the letter they'd sent and (thank goodness!) realized it was for another patient named William. Whew! I wasn't that nervous because I've seen Brother jump a good bit when loud noises happen (all the time when James is in the room!), but he can also sleep through just about anything so I thought there might be a possibility. Thank goodness he's perfectly healthy, though!

Everything else went well! He has a clogged tear duct (James did, too), super dry skin (James did, too), and sounds a little congested to me (not to Dr. W. apparently), but other than that he's perfect! He's obviously nursing well, he sleeps pretty normally at night (some might disagree, but I think 3-5 hours between feedings at 2.5 weeks is WONDERFUL...James still wakes up that often sometimes!), and he's overall very happy! So thankful for healthy children!

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Lauren said...

AH! That would have freaked me out about the hearing thing! Thankful that it wasnt your little Will! He looks big in the pic! Still itchin to come meet him!