Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February Books...

This has, for obvious reasons, been the craziest, busiest (while also being the LAZIEST...in terms of staying home and not looking nice!) of months! But I still managed to get a few books read. I think it's only because of nursing...I had to sit still, so I read a few minutes several times a day! I laugh about this because before James was born a friend told me that she remembered the exact book that she never finished because her baby was finally out of that sleepy stage and into the needed-to-be-watched-all-the-time stage! :) My time is coming...and I bet it's this summer! No rest for the weary here! Until then, I'll keep chugging along with my reading!

I've been working through the One Year Bible so I finished both Genesis and Matthew in the month of February. I'm really enjoying the pace of this one. It's on my Kindle and is my blow-drying reading. :)

I may be a little strange, but I really like Tori Spelling and her TV show on Oxygen. I can't be the only one because I don't watch it very often and it's been on for a few years. Someone out there is watching, though! At the Old Book Sale last spring I picked up her book Stori Telling. I finally got around to it in February and I really liked it! She's funny and seems very down-to-earth to me. It was a quick, fun read! (Beach trash if you need something this summer!)

And on the complete OPPOSITE end of the spectrum, I read Max Lucado's A Love Worth Giving that I got for Christmas this year. It was great and extremely scripture based. I sort of expected it to be a marriage book, and while it was about marriages to a certain degree, it was about love in general. I'll re-read this at some point because he makes great points and it's worth another look!

I read another Hardy Boys book - #20 this time. I can't even tell you what it was about. Ha! They're good bathtub reading and I'm continuing to work my way through our set. James asked to read one the other day. I can't wait until he really IS old enough to read them. Although, I've been told by Eddie that it would be against the Man Rules for his mama to read those books to him. He said I might as well read the Nancy Drew series to him. Ha!

Finally, in an effort to create a better sleeper this time around, I read The Happiest Baby on the Block. Want to know what I learned from that? Great sleepers are born, not made. I've done a few things differently this time around (James was and still is a TERRIBLE sleeper...he's gotten better, but it's taken a lonnnng time to get there), but I honestly and truly believe it is ALL personality. It doesn't matter what kind of swaddle or sound machine I used...James wasn't a good sleeper and Will just is. Period. However, I'm glad that I read the book. The writer makes great points and his theories are interesting!

I just finished my Book Club book yesterday. It was Alan Bradley's The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. I'm hoping to go to Book Club on Thursday night just to hear what everyone said about this. I really enjoyed the book. I couldn't tell whether it was because I stopped and started a lot or if it just is, but it seemed long. The story is a murder mystery told from a little girl's point of view. She's the cutest character and her personality was so fun to me! Oddly enough, the person who picked the book this time around couldn't get into it and two other people I've spoken to haven't finished it either. I think it's part of a series so I'll probably pick up the others at some point. Not my favorite book of all time, but good enough to finish!

I'm currently working on Exodus, Mark, Psalms, and Proverbs in my One Year Bible. I'm also reading yet another Hardy Boys book and I'll start on Shepherding Your Child's Heart sometime soon. Any suggestions for what else I should be reading? Our Book Club pick for the next go-'round is The Night Circus.

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Casey said...

Shepherding a Child's Heart is awesome...I'm rereading it because we need it BIG time right now. I plan to read it yearly. Also, have you heard about Loving the Little Years? That's next on my list.