Thursday, March 8, 2012

Memory Keepers

Eddie and I are both hoarders by nature. We can't let go of ANYTHING that might be a teensy bit sentimental. Because of that, I have tubs of "stuff" labeled "2009," "2010," etc. Recently, though, I found these Memory Keepers by Paper Coterie online and I LOVE them. Click HERE to see more.

Every once in a while they'll run a special and give these away for FREE plus shipping. The shipping isn't cheap, but it's such a good deal that I've bought two - one for each boy. James' preschool stuff has gone into his this year and he LOVES to look through his "Five Little Pumpkins" box. I'll continue to buy these for the little men because they're SO big and SO well made and they look SO much better on a shelf than those silly tubs do! I'll try to remember to post the next time they run a special!

I was not at all compensated for this post. I have not been contacted by the people of Paper Coterie. This is just a product that I've purchased myself and love!

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Lauren said...

cute! we have one too and love it!