Monday, October 16, 2017

Tooth Fairy Visit!

We had a BIG day at our house! When I picked Will up from school he hopped in the car and said, "I lost a tooth!" He's told me that a few times, so I honestly didn't pay much attention, but he HAD lost one! WHAT?! You're just a baby! He'd convinced his teacher to PUH-LEASE pull it out this afternoon and he was downright thrilled. The second thing he said after "I lost a tooth!" was, "Are you going to cry?" Umm...YES.

We stopped by Eddie's office first thing to show off this new grin, before going to gymnastics and church to show EVERYONE.

He told me it was the BEST DAY EVER.

He wrote the Tooth Fairy a note: Dear Tooth Fairy, Please leave my tooth. Love, Will.

We read two Tooth Fairy books and then snuggled up with his Tooth Fairy box tucked into his Tooth Fairy pillow! 

Here's hoping the Tooth Fairy stops by our house tonight! Fingers crossed!

(He and James lost their first teeth almost EXACTLY two years apart. James' first tooth came out on October 13, 2015. That post HERE.)

Thought y'all would also enjoy this exchange that occurred after Will was in bed. E is his kindergarten teacher who pulled his tooth, K is his school nurse, and D is a former teacher of his.

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