Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Tooth Fairy!

At long last, the Tooth Fairy visited our house on Friday night! A dentist friend commented today that it's a little early for him to have lost a tooth, but James felt like he was late to the ballgame because one of his friends that is a MONTH younger lost her first tooth this summer. His has been loose since his visit to Dr. W. in April! Crazy that it hung on for that long!

On Friday it was really just hanging on for dear life. I'd wiggled it for him all afternoon, he had wiggled it, Cacky had wiggled it. After supper I turned it a little bit and he popped it right out! Voila! He was SO EXCITED.

He has looked like a shark for a few weeks with another tooth growing right in behind this one. I immediately texted Mrs. J. about it when I saw it {we're good friends with the boys' dentist} and she assured me that it was normal and that his tongue will push it right into place. Good thing because it looks CRAZY right now. We actually ate supper with another dentist-friend at Will's soccer banquet this week and he also confirmed that it was completely normal. He actually didn't even wait for me to ask and said that all mamas are nervous about that!

A few weeks ago I bought some Tooth Fairy books so we'd be prepared when the big day happened. When we got home I got those out while he wrote the Tooth Fairy a note:

Dear Tooth Fairy,
Can I please keep it? I want to show it to other people. Thank you. James

I bought James a tooth pillow about two years ago. And then last year Grandmama's sister, Aunt Melly, made James a Tooth Fairy pillow. I put it all out and asked him how he wanted to use it all.

He was SO EXCITED that he woke me up at 2AM to tell me that the Tooth Fairy HAD come and that she left him a jar with his tooth, a note, and FIVE DOLLARS in it. I asked why he was up and he said he had to potty and just checked and she'd already come!

He also wrote her a few notes the next day thanking her, telling her that he believes in her, and asking for her to leave her address next time. :) I mean, MAKES ME MELT!!!!!

Sweet little snaggle-toothed boy! I love him so!

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