Tuesday, October 20, 2015


My dearest little baby boy,

I cannot believe that you turned six today. SIX. When you woke up this morning Daddy and I were in the bathroom getting ready and we sang Happy Birthday to you. You grinned the whole time and nodded along and then announced that you weren't officially six until 3:00pm. At breakfast Will and I sang to you again and you blew out the candle that you requested for your pancakes. Will had to blow one out in his, too, because y'all are "twins." It was his birthday, too.

I really, really cannot believe the speed with which life just shoots past. I remember the very little details of your birth day as though it was yesterday. It was really the most perfect day. You were perfect. I remember sitting in the hospital bed hours and hours later in the middle of the night and just learning you. You had the cutest little nose and it looks exactly the same now. I don't know why I remember that moment, but it's so vivid.

You are growing into the smartest, sweetest, most independent little man. You are ASTOUNDING us with all that you're learning in kindergarten. You continue to be a little stubborn and your teacher says that you need to learn that the "Fresh way" as she calls it, isn't always the best way. :) You are a textbook oldest child - bossy, assertive, respectful of authority, a good student, mature, approval-seeking, confident, and a rule-follower. Your daddy and I really have a love-hate relationship with most of these because WE are both oldest children so we all tie up. Will is completely different from all of us, but YOU we know how to handle if we can get you to listen to us.

We skipped the big party this year in favor of a trip. It's not really FOR your birthday, but we did convince you that it's way more fun than a party. :) We took cookies to your class today and went out to eat tonight. Sometimes that's more fun than a birthday party!

I am enjoying watching you grow and change with (it seems!) each passing day! You are a little SPONGE and you soak up everything. Your brother worships the ground that you walk on and I hope that you'll see what an awesome built-in playmate he is for you. Sometimes you play like best friends and sometimes you fight like enemies. He just absolutely ADORES you, though.

It is hard to believe that six years have gone by! You are my favorite, favorite six year old boy. This age has been SO much fun!

I love you SO, SO, SO much my boy. You are amazing and I cannot wait to see what is in store for you.



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Meggie said...

This is so sweet!! Happy Birthday James!