Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pumpkinless Patch

We spent part of the afternoon today at the pumpkin patch! We grossly miscalculated how long we would need to do everything there, though, and at the end we wound up having to leave in a hurry to make it to a birthday party. The BEST part was that I was able to run into the pumpkin patch store and purchase a birthday gift and have it wrapped and ready for the party! Score!

We completely missed the corn maze, the playground, the ice cream (!!!), and a few other things...including THE PUMPKINS! We had no time at the end to shop for a pumpkin so the boys and I will be heading BACK out there later in the week to pick one out. Gracious.

This was one of James' favorite things! And with a  $15 water balloon slingshot, you, too, can have a pumpkin chunkin' station in your backyard! I might already have one in my Amazon cart! HA!

Fishing was the HIGHLIGHT of the day for James. We spent probably 30 minutes cane pole fishing. And the highlight of THAT was when one of the boys caught a shiner and Mr. Josh threw it out in front of a bass that snatched that little fish right up!

We spent the afternoon getting faces painted, looking at the animals in the petting zoo, "steer roping," pumpkin chunking, fishing, and hay riding. While our attitudes could've been better (and my 1 and 3 year old pumpkin patchers were way CUTER!), we had a fun time! We've missed pumpkin patching the past year or two and were so happy to go today!