Friday, November 11, 2016

Cub Scouts!

James earned us a SECOND day off this week, this time because of some middle-of-the-night vomiting. Ugh. Thankfully he was one-and-done but he and I spent the night camped out on the sofas in the den. He felt 100% better after he got sick and proceeded to stay awake until at least 2AM watching Duck Dynasty. My only wish is that it had happened on election night so I wouldn't have had two nights in a row that I was up so incredibly late. He's napping this afternoon because he slept almost none, but he feels great so that's awesome.

Since I had a little time, I thought I'd update about James' current favorite thing. Of all the sports we've played and activities we've participated in, Cub Scouts may be his very favorite.

The day that Scouts came to school to advertise the start of their "season," James came home THRILLED to tell me about it. Eddie had been counting down the days {to his doom...not because he was excited} and knew that first grade was the year. We suspected this would be right up Mr. James' alley, and he agreed. He came in waving the flyer in my face and asked me how long it would be before he could go camping and shoot a gun. {Where is my BABY?!}

Scout handbook in the mail? PUMPED. Scout uniform? PUMPED. Learning his Scout Oath, Handshake, and Law? PUMPED. First badge? Check. First campout? Check.

This past weekend was the weekend. We borrowed some supplies and Eddie prepared himself to sleep ON THE GROUND and off they went on Friday afternoon with some of James' school buddies.

To say they camped is a stretch. I grew up wilderness camping and this camping was REALLY not that. At all. They had a tv and internet access for crying out loud. But they had a great time camping, shooting, grilling out, and playing. Someone will be getting MOSTLY camping stuff for Christmas.

For sure our first experience with Scouts has been pretty great. James loves it. The meeting nights are CHAOTIC because there are SO MANY little boys participating this year, but we've been told that some of that will fall off AND that it's great to have a lot because you want plenty of friends in it to make it more fun.

James is already starting work on his second badge {he has his Bobcat...the next is Tiger, I think} and has started talking about his Eagle already. LOL! The kid has goals!

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Lauren said...

Love this!!! Tell him Comer will take him camping any day of the week! I hope that ours will love it too - when they are old enough. Brother Comer informed me yesterday that he doesn't want to do baseball anymore, so we will see what he eventually falls in love with! ...I'm secretly hoping he will change his mind on baseball! 😬