Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Happy Halloween!

We had the best Monday morning! James had a fever for about twelve hours Sunday so he earned himself a day off from school yesterday which is much appreciated after a weekend of BIG fun at our house. I'll share more about that later. The boys spent the morning eating cinnamon rolls and watching Christmas movies. While it's not quite time for decorations (I still have Halloween out!), I am not anti-movie!

Halloween was a hit around here, but it sure went by too fast! Our fall festival at church fell on my birthday this year (which made me a little grumpy, to be honest!) and we loaded up the boys and had a big time there and then eating dinner with some friends afterwards. 

{Please note here that he's riding the train in character...you'll see what I mean in a minute if you don't already.}

On Halloween, James had Cub Scouts and he had to go because he earned his first badge! He was so excited (but nervous to go up in front of everyone to get it!). He earned his Bobcat badge. (I'll share more about Cub Scouts later, too, because he has LOVED being involved in it.) Will and I stayed home and handed out candy to a few trick-or-treaters while we waited on James and Daddy to get home. When they did arrive, we trick-or-treated our cul-de-sac, the "spooky house" in our neighborhood, and Grandmama's house. I think we hit 11 houses total, had two bags full of candy, and called it a night!

The boys have planned their costumes for MONTHS. Will has been obsessed with the movie Rookie of the Year for about a year now. He watched it laaaaate one night when he couldn't fall asleep. I recorded it and he has watched it over and over and over and over since. Back in February, we gave him a Cubs hat for Valentine's Day. (Rookie of the Year is about a little boy who hurts his arm and when it heals the tendons in his shoulder are tight and he can pitch like no one ever. The Cubs recruit him and he goes on to help change the direction of their franchise.) Anyway, he has planned to be Henry Rowengartner since at least February and never wavered. It wound up being a pretty timely costume since the Cubs won the World Series last week, too! It's been a few days of Cubs celebrations at our house. I hope he always remembers it. I think they might be "his" team. :)

The day after the World Series I promised him he could wear his Cubs shirt. {I washed it AFTER the game ended at 1:30AM!!!!} He had pictures that morning but wore it after and he was a happy boy!

As for James, he wanted to be a character from The Sandlot. I decided that was a perfect plan since I love a themed Halloween. We just went with a baseball movie theme this year. (I tried to get Eddie to dress up as Jimmy Dugan and I wanted to be a Rockford Peach from A League of Their Own, but it was a no-go. Oh well.) James decided to be Squints since he had the perfect glasses. His costume was the easiest thing EVER to put together. We bought the shoes for it from Target (knock-off Converse) and they have been the best shoes ever! Both boys got a pair and they LOVE them. I bought his shirt for a whopping $5 from WalMart and had a friend put "Squints" on the back of it for me. I may never have an easier costume for either child!

I've thrown out a few suggestions for next year including various 80s movie characters, cartoon characters, etc. I hope that they always want to go as a duo, but I also think that my time for that is pretty limited. We shall see. Here's a look back at all of our Halloweens-past! Aren't they PRECIOUS?! Where did my babies go?

Happy Halloween, y'all! (I've already moved on...I bought not one, not two, but EIGHT Christmas gifts just this morning. I'm awaiting a call from our credit card company about all the recent charges! LoL!)

My co-teacher and I even dressed up. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!

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