Saturday, February 14, 2015

Howdy, Partner!

We had Will's birthday party last weekend. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. It was warm and sunny all day long and we thoroughly enjoyed it! I was thrilled we could have the party OUTSIDE my house. :)

We did a cowboy theme this year and we played games for the first time ever. I totally borrowed Dixie Delight's little boy's party from several years ago. It turned out cute and was SO easy to throw together. Special shoutout to my "yard lady" - Grandmama - who got everything outdoors looking nice before the big day!

{Blacked out information. Invitation from Shutterfly.}

{Made by Amy Tippins. You can contact her at her blog - Total Tippins Takeover - or her Etsy shop -} 

Panning for gold was the BIGGEST hit. I will pull this one out again in the future!

Nancy made our cake again this year and I think it's my FAVORITE one that she's done! I was THRILLED when it came in the door. I always tell her the theme and sometimes give her some pictures, but typically she just does what she wants. I only gave her a plate this time but the cake fit PERFECTLY. Will didn't want to cut it.

After everyone arrived we started playing games. We did a stick horse relay, had panning for gold, a horse roping station, horseshoes, a "branding" station {face painting}, and a horse "grooming" station {pin the tail on the donkey}. Like I said, the panning for gold was the crowd favorite. 

I could NOT take them seriously with this face paint. Those eyebrows on Will!

We asked our friends to bring books for us to donate so we waited and did presents (from family) after the party. Will got several movies, some Batman blocks, some dress up, a ball pit, and some Ninja Turtle toys, and a bike from us. Little boy wracked up even though it was family-only gifts!

We had a GREAT day! Happy Birthday, Wild Will!


Lauren said...

Adorable!!! And the cake was awesome!!! Love the cowboy boot on the happy everything plate. I dont have a reason for the boot, but your pics kind of make me want to just get it for fun! love it all!!! ...and your huge yard! :D

Meggie said...

Sooo cute!! You went all out! Love all the decor and games and adorable cake!! You really thought of everything! I'm totally stealing some ideas if my boys ever want this theme! =)