Friday, February 13, 2015


My littlest baby boo is "FWEE" today. THREE! Can you even? It seems like yesterday that he was an itty bitty baby. But he is not itty bitty, and he will quickly tell you that, "I NOT a baby." I keep trying to tell him to stop growing up, but he keeps on keeping on. Eddie asked him this morning to please grow up to the point of being potty trained, but not so much that he's BIG. Oh, my little heart. Slow down, time!

My little love. My tiniest Valentine. You are a lover and a fighter. You and your best buddy at school are always, always in trouble, but you'll look at your teachers and smile and give them love and they fall for your charms. When I get exasperated and raise my voice because you're not obeying you'll say, "Mama! Ny {I} wuv you!" You totally, TOTALLY know how to stop someone in their tracks from being angry with you.

You love to watch James and do exactly what he is doing. You are his biggest fan. You constantly wrestle and fight, but you really do love each other. You take pride in getting to do exactly what he's doing. And in some things you get to do them earlier than he ever dreamed! James wasn't allowed to chew gum until he was four - you've been chewing it for almost a year now.

Oh, little boy! Don't get too big too fast. I want to enjoy every. single. second of it. Even if you're the biggest stinker I've ever met!

Will at TWO

Will at ONE.

Will's birth.

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