Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Dear Will,

I'm not sure words will do this milestone justice. You are ONE year old today. ONE. I cannot believe a month has gone by, let alone twelve of them. This has, without a doubt, been the fastest year of my life.

You have brought so much joy to us in one little year. You are such a sweet, smiley little boy. Your daddy, brother, and I are crazy about you.

You are pretty crazy about your brother, too. You are learning a LOT from James. Both good and bad. You also think he's just about the funniest thing you've ever seen, but you are quick to put him in his place when he's doing something you're not a fan of.

You have learned so much this year, but especially in the past few weeks. You are thisclose to walking. It won't be long! I'm ready. I may not be quite as ready when it actually happens. 

You've also begun to "talk" quite a bit more in the past few weeks which I think is wonderful. It's tough to get a word in around James! He talks enough for both of you! Lately, you've picked up a few new signs - "more" and "thank you!" - and you've shown that you're understanding a LOT of what we're saying. When we feed you, you clap your hands together for "more" and when we ask, "Would you like more?" you nod your head rapidly. If we ask for a "thank you!" you're quick to sign that to us. We shout, "You're welcome!" and you grin. This communication thing is fun, huh?

One of the best things you've figured out lately is the sleeping-through-the-night thing. I'm going to regret saying that. Night before last you went to bed at 8 and James and I woke you at 9:20 the next morning because we were worried about you. Seems like you did inherit the sleep gene from your daddy and me.

You have become a pretty great eater. You tolerate most baby foods, but you LOVE to eat what we have on our plates. The other night we had pork chops, baked potatoes, and green beans and you ate it all up. You enjoy eating!

You've had a little bit of a tough year with sickness and teeth. You've had an ear infection for over a month now. Poor baby. This is your second round of ear infections. So much earlier than your brother. I know a lot of it is that James is so sweet to share his germs, but I just hate that you've had to deal with sickness so early. We are praising God that it's just ear infections, pinkeye, allergies, and teeth, though. 

You are quite the social butterfly. You enjoy "talking" to people and your little face lights up when people speak to you. You are a little shy, though. Much more so than big brother ever was! You're cautious about going to new people and prefer to be held by mom or dad. 

We saw Dr. W. this morning and you were 30 inches and 22 pounds exactly so you're in the 50th-75th% and perfect. Your ears looked good and everything else was fine. We got the go-ahead on all foods except fish and nuts so you had a little cheese for lunch today. James thinks you want Mexican for supper tonight and while WE'LL probably eat it to celebrate your birthday, I don't think we'll feed you much of it. ;) You did not like the shots that you had to have and you let everyone in the office know and would not stop looking at the nurse like she'd highly offended you. But you are a tough, healthy boy!

One year. ONE. We have had the most fun getting to know you. We love you so much, sweet babycakes!



Amy said...

what?! NO! how can this be??? didn't you just have him yesterday? time is going by too quickly!! happiest of birthdays to your baby boy. enjoy celebrating sweet will today!

Lauren said...

love him! ...and I feel like a horrible friend that I talked to you today and forgot that it was his birthday. Boo on me. I do have him a present though for Saturday so can my party preparedness count for something (even if its one that James already had?! ha!) I was shopping for him thinking the whole time that James probably has it all already! Oh well! Happy Birthday Will!

jgaskin said...

Precious post.