Friday, September 12, 2014

Five on Friday.

Hey, hey, hey! How the HECK is it Friday already? Whaaaat? It has flown by. Good and bad, I suppose. I haven't done a Five on Friday post in a while, so let's do that today.

1. Eddie and I went to a wedding last weekend and we stayed in a hotel right behind the venue. Fabulous. Literally took us five minutes to walk. The hotel had recently been re-done and the style was...interesting. I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. Hotels are so strange these days!

2. Jamberry has a BRAND NEW catalog out this month. I am loving lots of the styles. I've got room for one more Facebook party next week, but October is wide open. If you're interested I'd love to tell you more about it!

3. We have a for-real move-in day at our new house. Painters have been working all week long and are likely coming back at least on Monday. We'll have carpet in hopefully next week and then we have a few days to wait before the movers can pick our stuff up and take it to the new house. We've done some boxing up in Perry and have a little more (it's not a ton - just things in drawers and cabinets, etc.). We should be totally moved in before October 1st. Hallelujah! (Notice I did not say we'd be unpacked...just moved in.)

4. Halloween costumes, anyone? Do you think about them this early or wait until just before? We do coordinated costumes every year and this year, for the first time, both boys have an opinion...and let's just say they're not matching up. Ruh-roh! Hopefully we can figure it out.

5. I joined a new Bible Study this week! We're doing Faithful, Abundant, True from Deeper Still with Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer, and Beth Moore. So far, so good!

Crying baby beckons! Y'all have a good weekend!

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Unknown said...

I have no good ideas for Halloween costumes this year. Usually I'm already googling and ordering stuff to make sure I have what "I" want. :) I could probably let J wear his superman pi's (with cape, of course) and he'd be happy!

Congrats on move-in day!!!