Monday, September 8, 2014

Sneaky Peek.

It's been one year today. It seems like forever ago and just yesterday all at the same time. Oh, that weekend was just so, so rough. This weekend is the weekend that our friends always go to the beach and last year we missed it because we were at Emory and this year I just wanted to do something different. We wound up going to a friend's wedding in Athens and had an overnight date. Then yesterday Eddie and I spent several hours packing up our house in Perry. It was a good weekend. I'll share more about it later. We sure do miss our Poppy.

So...because we're working on moving into our new house ASAP (wooooo, Eddie stressed about "getting it all done..."), I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek of what it looks like right now. We have painters in there today and the rest of the week and we hope to get carpet in it next week and then we can move in! Come on's currently very...ummm...colorful! ;)

{Front door: We'll be removing the dead plant and hopefully getting my planters here soon for fall mums. The door is a gorgeous glass that looks like the windows. Wish I'd closed it.}

{Foyer: Hoping that my buffet will fit here. The paint on the walls here is similar to one of our colors for the house.}

{Dining Room: The red is GOING. I am so sick of my red dining room. We'll have our table and china cabinet in here.}

{Master bathroom: This wallpaper is already GONE. That's the major change in here. Eddie has his very own vanity and he is so proud of that. We'll probably update fixtures in here soon and the shower has a curtain (you can see it in the mirror but it looks EXACTLY LIKE the wallpaper), but the major thing is the wallpaper.}

{Boys' Bedroom: Isn't the pink cute? LOL. James is waiting for the day that the pink is painted over. Then he'll feel like he can stay. We'll replace the light fixture at some point, too. And carpet will go in next week.}

{Boys' Bathroom: Just paint for this room.}

{Den: This room is getting the most work, really. That bookshelf on the right side will be completed (we think they had a big tv there once upon a time), the tv will be hung over the fireplace, we'll add gas logs, and the room will be painted. I'm the most excited about this room. It's smaller than our previous den, but it feels cozy. We'll see how our BIG furniture fits. Those curtains over there are REAL denim. Fancy.}

{Kitchen: Right now we are ONLY painting this room. After we sell our house in Perry and save some pennies we're definitely going to be replacing counters and backsplash - and making that island into a usable space, appliances and the sink, and maybe - if I can talk Eddie into it - the tile. ;) Probably not but we'll see. I would love a cooktop and built-in double oven but that's like eons away.}

{Kitchen Desk: This is my little spot and I'm thrilled about it. It's just getting a paint job.}

{Screened Porch: It got painted last week and we'll be putting a table, a sitting area, and maybe a tv out here. We've convinced James that if there's a tv outside it will only play football. LOL.}

So that's it for the most part. I left off two bedrooms, a bathroom, and various other small parts. Hopefully it will begin to come together very quickly!


Meggie said...

I'm sure it wasn't an easy weekend. Praying for y'all. And I'm LOVING your new house!! It makes me soooo excited for a new house in the future too!! Can't wait to see/hear/read more about it!

pcb said...

Your new home is fabulous. Know you are ready to move in. You need to talk to Kate. They moved into their new house a few weeks ago and are living in it while things are done. Floors have been refinished, new carpet is down, and they are in the first days of all trim being painted and most rooms. They're just moving from one part of the house to the other while things are done, although during the floor refinishing and oil-based paint parts they are staying at the lake. She is so over camping out.