Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Update!

We spent the weekend in the Atlanta-area with Papa and YaYa. Eddie and I had the pleasure of attending a friend's wedding in Inman Park so we made it a weekend and had some fun!

We arrived late Friday night - around 9:30 - and had take-out CPK with Dad. Delicious, as usual. I had my favorite - BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad. Mmmm. The boys were definitely more interested in playing than eating. Will had slept the entire way up, save a twenty-minute stretch where he screamed the whole time. He was a little slow to wake up, but turned into a wild man rather quickly. We got SO tickled at James. We were talking about starting Pre-K (today!) and I asked if he was ready and if he remembered how to spell his name. Without missing a beat he said, "J-A-M-O-U-S-E!" Ummmm. Ja'Mouse? Yes, that's it. HA! Too much Mickey this summer?

Saturday we headed out to Tanglewood Farm. It was a NEAT place. We thought it was a fun outing if you're in the area (they're in Canton). Be prepared for the high dollar pony rides! They lure you in because who can tell their kid no once they're already in! Lots of fun animals to see, though! The best part was that the boys couldn't get out of the gates by themselves so there was no rushing ahead of us.

Miniature Goat? I don't remember any of the names of these animals...

Miniature llamas? The white one is Elvis and the brown one is Priscilla. I thought their hair looked like Will's.

Miniature horse?

More miniature horses.

Miniature cows.

Regular-sized turkey. :) And a donkey family back there.

Mini donkey and baby mini donkey.

On Saturday night, Eddie and I went to the wedding of one of Eddie's college friends. We LOVE Chris and are so excited to see him so happy. It was a small wedding and was just so fun! 

{The bride and groom are chatting with us in this picture. Can you find us? You can barely see me. Where's Waldo?}

We headed home last night after lunch with Papa and YaYa. We had to get everything laid out and ready for our first day of school today!!!

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