Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The First Day of School!

Both boys started their school years yesterday. James is in Pre-K and Will is in 2 Year-Old Preschool...but he THINKS he's in Pre-K, so we're going with it. Both boys are going five days a week this year. We'd originally signed Will up for three days, but I'm going to be working two of those three days AND all of his best buddies were in the five day class, so we switched. He's my lovey, clingy baby so it's been an adjustment, but he'll do great!

Eddie and I got up bright and early and made muffins and pigs in a blanket for the boys. Eddie couldn't go with us to school because he had to work out of town yesterday, but he stayed until the last minute!

Back-to-school pictures at the front door!

{This is what I got from James when I said, "Show me your backpack!" *Ahem* Not, "Show me your booty!"}

Will got a new big boy backpack this year! James got his when he started 2 year old preschool. His is still in fine shape so he can pick out a new one for kindergarten next year.

James also had a big moment in the car. Because both boys are doing the car pick-up line this year, and because my car is gargantuan and hard to walk around under the walkway, James needs a method of buckling that doesn't require assistance. We're flip-flopping where they sit later this week so that both boys can enter and exit the left side of the car. AND James gets to ride with a REAL seatbelt to-and-from school only. {Dearest Grandparents, He is NOT to ride with a seatbelt in your cars. Please buckle him like normal in the five-point harness.} I don't LOVE that we've moved to this set up, but he is DYING to grow up a little bit and a lot of his friends ride with a seatbelt...and it seems to make things easier for drop off and pick up. Of course, Will had to be five-point harnessed in AND seat belted, too. *Sigh* This growing up thing is tough.

We had a HAPPY first day of school. The report from James was that he loved Circle Time. And this year they have ONE helper each day and that helper gets to do EVERYTHING. He is anxiously awaiting his turn. He also has HOMEWORK, which he pretends not to be excited about but actually is.

Will also had a good day. He didn't cry AT ALL when I left him yesterday (he did today...I had to pry him off of me and let his teacher hold him). He's excited about his cubby. And he gets VERY angry if James tries to tell him he's in "2-K," as James calls it. "NO. I IN PWE-K!" he shouts back. We need to be just like big brother. Will's teachers have known Eddie for his whole life and one of his teachers has just been blown away by how much he looks and acts like Eddie. I think it's funny because we get tons of comments about how much JAMES is like Eddie, and not so many about Will. Clearly, they're not my children. Ha!

Here's hoping the good times continue!

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Meggie said...

They are so cute! Love their matching outfits!! I'm with you on the seatbelt thing. Now that Garrison is in the middle seat he HAS to use the 5 point harness because there's no room to buckle a seatbelt in that spot. By the way... what kind of car do you have? We are hoping/planning/praying to upgrade sometime in the sort of near future. =)