Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I have long wanted Silhouettes of my boys to display. They're just so classic! I found someone who travels around the country hand-cutting them, but he hasn't been close to us yet. There's also a man in South Carolina that does hand-cut ones, but we haven't been near him yet. AND there's a silhouette shop at Disney on Main Street which is SO cute and, again, hand-cut, but we haven't been to Disney since I found out about it. Thankfully, one of my sweet friends has figured out how to make them herself! These are printed and cut (not the hand-cut just by looking that I mentioned above), but they look GREAT. I cannot wait to get them and use them in the boys' room (yes, ROOM, we're putting them together - and soon!)!

For more information, contact Lauren (the OTHER Lauren) at OR click HERE to see her Etsy shop. 


Simply LKJ said...

Super cute. We had our girls done by a wonderful lady years ago, she was quite popular and hard to get an appointment with. We lucked out one year when she came to what was the Rich's. We have cherished them ever since.

Lauren said...

Thanks friend!! I am mailing yours hopefully Friday or Monday at the latest!!