Thursday, August 7, 2014

FUN day!

Today began my SIXTH year of retirement from teaching English to middle and high school students. (I only taught three years.) I kicked off the year by going to a meeting at my brand NEW teaching position - babies at preschool. :) I have six babies that will join me week after next for our official first day of school. I think our oldest is 8 months and our youngest is 2 months. And our VERY youngest are two that are not even born yet but will join us in January and April. Wow.

After a two-hour meeting that was filled with hilarity, we went on a surprise adventure. I didn't tell the boys where we were going or what we were doing and the surprise made it even more fun!

We had lunch at Aunt Jen's and Uncle Charley's with Uncle Mike and Aunt Sue...annnnnnd PAPA! Boy, were they surprised! Will skipped lunch and went straight to the banana pudding. Aunt Jen ate. him. up.

And Papa was smart to bring his bathing suit so the boys could take advantage of the pool. I thought we were going to Uncle Mike and Aunt Sue's so I didn't pack bathing suits. No worries! I found two swim diapers in the car for Will and James swam in his undies!

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