Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back to School Goals.

A college friend of mine recently wrote out goals for the new school year. I thought I'd join in because hers were great.

1. Eddie and I filled our grocery cart last week with grossly processed foods and yuck and vowed to try to do better. I'm pulling the Fresh 20 back out to start up again. We're going to start cutting back, eating more healthy, fresh produce, lean meats, and less junk. WAY less sugar and wheat.

2. Make a schedule and stick to it. I need to be more diligent at my time while the boys are at school or sleeping and I am not. I need to have a schedule for cleaning/household stuff and another schedule for Jamberry. We're going to be BUSY this year (it just gets busier every year, doesn't it?) and I'll need to make the most of my time.

3. Reading! Make it a priority! I need to get some of those books I've started FINISHED.

4. Eddie and I started a mileage goal at the beginning of the summer but it's so dang hot we haven't made it. While I know August and September are still going to be ICK to be out in, we need to run/walk and bike ride several nights a week.

5. Date nights more often. As busy as we've been this summer, Eddie and I have often been in the same room without connecting. Dinner? Movies? Just sitting together after the boys are asleep and talking? I'll take it!

6. Go through and get rid of! I'm going to soon be going through room by room and organizing and getting rid of things that are unnecessary. We have too. much. stuff. I'm going to be starting with toys.

7. Budgeting for decorating. Since we're hoping that we'll have a new house one of these days, I want to start to set aside some money to decorate and/or renovate it when we have it. I have ideas for the boys' room and their playroom already so I'll likely start there when we have a new place to call home.

8. Learn to say, "NO!" I am learning. I am learning. I'm involved in a LOT of different things and I just can't commit to much more. I'm already gone several times a month in the evenings and I'm heading up several different projects here and there for various organizations. I have a hard time telling someone I can't help, but the truth is when we're overly committed to things, we aren't giving anything 100%. I did just turn down something the other day that I REALLY wanted to do, but I can't commit to the timing of it right now. Maybe in the spring I can make it happen, but for now it won't work.

9. Quiet Time. Start that back up pronto. I need time in the Word every day and it needs to be soon after I get up!

10. Get back into a better blogging routine. I have been in a blogging slump as of late. I don't wanna write a post and I don't wanna upload pictures. (Said in my best whiny four-year-old voice.) I'm going to get back on it and soon, I hope!

What are your back-to-school goals?


Simply LKJ said...

I think it helps to write things down. I know I need to make several changes here as well, and I don't have littles at home anymore. I did much better when they were here and I knew I had to get things done by a certain time/day/week/etc.

Lauren said...

I need to do your list. All of the above. Schedule, eat better, get out more, say no, connect with CT3, budget, yeah all that.