Thursday, July 10, 2014

This Week.

Wow. This week. I need to call in the Super Nanny to come and set us all back on the right path. The past three days have been ROUGH. We've been battling some behavior issues this week. It's been a combination of a lot of different things. When we're on the go, we're on the GO, but this week has been a little more relaxed. Because of that, we've had some boredom and ATTITUDE. James and I butt heads like cuh-razy. We're a lot alike and it hurts us sometimes. Thankfully, the boys have been out of the house for Rockstar Camp two days this week (it helps to GO somewhere!), we had a fun afternoon, and we have plans most of the day tomorrow.

This kid is a reader like his mama. We are flying through the "chapter books." We're reading two right now because we started one, misplaced it, started another, and then found the first. We should finish both by next week. He is LOVING James and the Giant Peach. We are big Roald Dahl fans.

On Wednesday morning we had gotten up, had breakfast, and were in the sandbox by 8:30. WHEW! It was a lonnnnnng day. Lots of boredom. We'd taken TV away and it was the wooooorst punishmeeeeeent everrrrrrr. Mercy. We need to build our imaginations in this house.

I posted this on Instagram and admitted that I was hiding stuck in the kitchen because if I set foot out they'd suddenly forget how to play independently. It's the TRUTH.

Purchased a Mickey Mouse waffle iron last week with a $20 WalMart gift card. Thanks, Influenster! BEST investment. They are so fun and it was SUPER easy! We'll be eating these often, I think. Planning to start cooking a big batch on Sunday and freezing them so we can have them all week long. We're big waffle eaters around here. Going to venture into the protein waffles and maybe the gluten free waffles spectrum, too. They'll NEVER know! ;) (Fed them oatmeal pancakes this morning and James commented that they LOOKED funny, but said they sure did taste like pancakes. Mwahahahahaha!)

I'm dreaming of a joint big boy room for the guys when we move. Please let it be soon. I'm ready to be into a house and with my own furniture and stuff and out of storage! If we're not somewhere soon, I may go ahead and put them in the same room together and decorate it. If only nap time was easier than it currently is. Anyway, I've purchased the canoe picture below and the planets picture {and I'll have to be honest...I was sort of sad that Pluto wasn't on it...poor, Pluto!} below because they were great prices and I LOVED them. In addition, we have twin beds that closely resemble the top right picture that we'll be using. Other than that, I love all those fabrics (not combined...), James has a feather collection going that I'm going to frame, the black lab picture is perfect for us, and I love the US map. The picture of the little boy fishing is totally James and is a silhouette print by South Carolina artist Clay Rice. I LOVE it. I'm going to do a gallery wall for the boys at some point and will be pulling a few of these things together.

This is kind of what I'm going for, but with twin beds and no coastal theme.

{Source: Dixie Delights}

Or something similar to this. No "theme." Just lots of boy stuff and neutral colors and the things they like. :)

{Source: Interior Canvas}

I also hosted a Jamberry Nails party earlier this week. It was SO FUN. I'm going to be signing up to be a Jamberry consultant so if you'd like to know more or host a Facebook or At-Home party, let me know. They're vinyl nail stick ons that are heat and pressure activated so you press them on and they stay (without chipping) for 2 weeks on fingers and 4+ weeks on toes! So fun! The Facebook party was SO easy. I just invited friends and sat back. I earned a ton of hostess rewards. 

I think they're fun. They have plain jane designs as well and a whole line of polish. It's all really cute, easy to use, and fun. Seriously let me know if you'd like to host a party or learn more!

James and I had a date to the library this afternoon. I'd planned to take both boys, but Will asked to go to Cacky's instead and couldn't be talked into going with us. It was EASY to take James, but I wish Will had gone. He would've loved it. They had a snake, turtles, frogs, toads, a skink's dried up body, an alligator skull, and a bearded lizard. It was neat and it was a small crowd so James got to touch everything and ask questions.

Tomorrow we have a playdate and it's Granddaddy's birthday so we're headed to his house for birthday supper! Saturday we're finally heading to Mary Poppins with Cacky and a friend of James' from school and her mom and grandmother. We're SO excited. Enjoy your weekend!


Lauren said...

LOVE the boys room ideas! And this is hysterical but I have the same brown buffalo checkered duvet and pillows in my basement for CT4's big boy room! Love it and obviously great minds think alike!! ...oh and can you send super nanny my way after you are done with her?

Simply LKJ said...

Love the direction you are going with their room.