Monday, July 7, 2014

June Recap.

One of the blogs that I read {The Deliberate Reader} posts monthly recaps and I thought it would be fun to steal borrow the idea from her and recap June just over a week into July.

Books I read last month: 1
Books I've read for the year: 32

Things that happened:
* The boys picked blueberries.
* We rode the train twice.
* We went to Chehaw.
* James ran in Loop the Lake for the second or third time.
* We celebrated Father's Day.
* We played in the yard with some friends. Sprinkles + a swing set = lots of fun.
* We went fishing with the same friends!
* The boys took swimming lessons.
* We went to VBS.
* The boys went to Pirate Camp and Cowboy Camp.
* Will got his first haircut.
* I went to a baby shower for some sweet friends.
* I helped serve lunch through our church and the school system at a local apartment complex.
* I had a 3-hour lunch with a friend I've known for over 20 years. {WOW.}
* I went to Perry Book Club. I almost finished The Life of Pi for it, but not quite.
* We played a lot of dress up.
* We played a LOT of Toy Story Yahtzee.
* James and I read and watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. We had glasses and wands and ate Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.
* I borrowed too many books from the library.
* The boys spent various days and nights with Grandmama and spent a good bit of time swimming at Kelly's.
* Mom and I took a canning class and came home with canned tomatoes, butter beans, and green beans.
* The boys spent a weekend with Papa and YaYa {and Anna!}.

Best things I did or saw:
* The canning class. I'm not sure I'll go out there by myself and can again, but it was SO fun and I'm going to sign up for the cheese making class in August.
* Swimming lessons have paid off in a BIG way.

What's cooking:
* Lots of grilling during the summer. And always lots of Mexican.

What I'm anticipating in July:
* We have SO MUCH on the calendar. More preschool camp, Bunco, Mary Poppins, a visit to Papa and YaYa's again, our 6th anniversary, the first book club meeting that I'M leading {eeeeek!}, five days at the beach, and a Church Council Meeting. {I'm not really looking forward to that meeting, BUT I need to get my fanny in gear for it.}

Whew! Better get going! Lots to do! ;)

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