Monday, February 24, 2014

Meeska, Mouska - Will is Twoska!

Mickey Mouse birthday parties at two are our "thing." Eddie had a Mickey Mouse birthday cake at two. James had a Mickey Mouse party at two. You can see that HERE and HERE. So when thinking about what to do for Will's 2nd birthday, we just had to carry on the tradition. Plus, we have a little Mickey obsession around here so it worked out perfectly. I re-used a few things from James' party, bought a few new things, and pieced it together. It wasn't a big party - just grandparents and two aunts and an uncle - but I think it turned out cute!

Will's 2nd birthday party was LAST Saturday - February 15th.

Banner from Sweet Peach Paperie on Etsy.

Birthday chalkboard from One Good Name on Etsy. Invitation is on the right from PaperKiteDesigns on Etsy. I loved the invitation because it looked so different from all the others. I love Plain Jane. The clock was one Mom had at her house - maybe from Poppy's office?

Big brother felt the need to pose with everything. He had a TOUGH time at Will's party - despite the fact that he'd been spoiled rotten on Valentine's Day. It is not easy to watch someone else open gifts when you don't get to open them.

I used these pots for Mickey and Minnie topiaries at James' party but the topiaries bit the dust last year when we used them to announce "We're Going to Disney!" so I repurposed them.

Anna, birthday decorator extraordinaire, hung up paper lanterns {and all of the banners!}.

Best $2 I've ever spent! This banner has been used at almost every party. I got it in the Dollar Bin at Michael's.

This balloon wreath has been a fabulous craft as well. I've used it five or so times. I've pulled out some of the balloons and replaced to change the colors. It was SO FUN to make. I want to make another. Who wants one?

Little brother wanted to take a picture but James would NOT smile standing next to him. Told you he had a tough time.

I made cupcakes and stuck Mini Oreos on as ears. They turned out GREAT. Will LOVED them and they were SO, so, so easy.

Will had no interest in opening his gifts AT ALL. He opened a bike helmet + horn + bell for his trike from my mom and wanted to quit. James was intent that he open QUICKLY, though, so it was a little interesting. Will got some fun new things!

This boy LOVED blowing out the candle on his cupcake {so much that he blew it out before we sang and it had to be relit}. He LOVED us singing to him. So precious!

He also loved his cupcake...clearly! 

Fun party, great food, wonderful family! Happy Birthday, Baby Boo!


Unknown said...

It looks like he had a wonderful time. I have three kids ( 8, 7,6) and when one gets jealous at a sibling during a party, they are quickly taken out of the party. It worked for us and now they each celebrate each other. It's not easy but I believe everyone deserves their own special day. The pictures with the cupcakes are adorable!!

Meggie said...

Super cute party! And pretty cool that James and Layton have a similar birth story. =)