Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chalkboard Birthday Stats.

We have had a busy day - school, picked up Mom from the car place, walked/rode tricycle {Will, not me...}, grocery store, school pick up, worst meltdown of the year {James, not me...}, meeting at church, taco THURSDAY, etc. etc. etc. Needless to say, I have not even looked at our pictures from the past weekend and week, much less edited or had time to post them. However, I want to share my favorite birthday decoration from Will's party. I will likely order one of these for EVERY birthday party from here on out and then put them in a book...that's how much I love them. When James and Will are 28 and 26 I will still be ordering these. I'll just have to call and ask them how much they weigh by then.

Amy Tippins has become a designer extraordinaire. She's a former kindergarten teacher who now stays home with three of the most precious little girls I've ever seen. {Seriously. Check out her blog and get a load of Liza's thighs. I die!} Recently, she opened an Etsy shop and began selling things like invitations and custom made placemats. I browsed her shop a few weeks before Will's birthday party and she was SO kind to put a chalkboard birthday print for me. I sent her some things I wanted to include, she asked a few questions, and voila! A decoration AND keepsake.

Amy could not be easier to work with! I promise you won't regret checking out her Etsy store and using her for your next party. These would make precious birth announcements or prints for a nursery as well. She has plenty of options to fit your needs!


Unknown said...

Amy rocks! I love this print. It is amazing to have all the little details gathered in one place. I wish I would have done something like this when my son was small!

Meggie said...

Adorable!! I will def check out her shop!