Monday, November 11, 2013

The Sickies.

Remember a few years ago when it seemed like James was sick every time we turned around? Well, apparently now it's Will's turn. Yea!

Eddie and I had a weekend away to celebrate one of my high school best friend's wedding and we got a phone call at midnight on Saturday night that Will was running a fever. Whew! I definitely expected way worse when the phone rang so I was pleased he just had a fever. It was 101-102* so Grandmama ran out to get some Motrin so that she could get it in his system at midnight instead of needing it at 3AM. Yuck.

We sort of thought it was a fluke thing and that when we arrived home he'd have perked up. Anna texted me mid-afternoon on Sunday and said he was grumpy and sick. And then when we pulled in my mom's driveway later that afternoon he was SITTING in Cacky's lap. Sitting is unusual, my friends.

We took him (and his screaming, overly tired brother) home last night and gave him some Motrin in an effort to bring the temperature down. Unfortunately, it never came down much and his heart was racing and his breathing was rapid so I made the executive decision late last night to take him to the doctor's office today.

{Please note that they are HOLDING HANDS. They have gotten so sweet lately.}

Poor little man. He was pitiful at the doctor's office, too. I explained to the doctor that we saw (it was a doc-in-a-box place, not our pediatrician) that he'd had fever, a cough, runny nose, and horrible, AWFUL diapers yesterday (know what's embarrassing? having to change TWO dirty diapers in the examination room while waiting on the doctor and not having a place to PUT the diaper so that the smell doesn't knock everyone out who walks in...). He was lethargic, not hungry, and sort of grumpy. She almost immediately said she would guess strep, but guess what? Ears again! Just one this time (and we haven't had an ear infection in a WHILE). Plus, probably an upper respiratory infection. Maybe RSV? She said it wasn't worth doing the test since they can't treat it anyway. We got our antibiotic prescription and we were on our merry way.

He has been PITIFUL today. Really cranky, lethargic, whiny, clingy. We've done a lot of resting and rocking and drinking Gatorade. Hopefully a few more days of that and he'll be as good as new!

{When you spend the day in Mama's lap, funny things happen. Meet Willow. ;) }

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