Friday, November 15, 2013

A Lot About a Little.

TGIF, friends. TGIF. {And on THAT note, fellow late-20s-to-early-30-year-olds...did you know they're making a NEW Boy Meets World? Yes. Corey and Topanga are back in the Spring. Disney Channel, I think.} Here are a few random {obviously, since we've already started out that way} thoughts late on Friday night.

1. The week has been LONG. With one sick kid who has wanted to be held 24/7 and another kid who has had ridiculous behavior {like throwing things and kicking walls...and getting so worked up he's thrown up} I am WORN OUT. I think our children have gotten together and decided to tag team on acting ridiculous and they have NAILED IT this week. Before 9AM this morning James had been in timeout twice, had a spanking, and lost tv. And MOST of that was because he lost his you-know-what when I flipped the light off in the bathroom and left and he hadn't washed his mouth out after brushing his teeth. {Nevermind the fact that he's COMPLETELY able to do this on his own.} Whew! Rant over.

2. I wore THIS dress to Bess' wedding this past weekend. {That totally deserves it's own recap but I've been blog-lazy this week. It was BEAUTIFUL and I'll share pictures asap.} I own three of these and they are cute and comfortable and it has pockets. Seriously don't want to wear anything else ever. {I'm aware that the picture below is the most awkward one ever. But I want you to know how much I love this dress.}

3. Much to Eddie's dismay, I think I'm going to be decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving this year. I've never, ever done this before, but my two little elves will be gone for a few days the week of Thanksgiving and I'm going to spend my time getting it done, I hope. I'm a little concerned that someone {*ahem* Will *ahem*} is going to destroy our tree this year, but I also can't imagine not putting one up. Our HUGE tree is about two feet too tall for our temporary rental home so I'll be putting up our little cheap-o tree that I put my 12 Days of Christmas ornaments on last year. I'm definitely not going Pinterest big this year, but here's my Christmas board in case you'd like to take a gander.

4. I got a nifty little device this week called a Fitbit. Have you heard of this? I am old and out of shape and we're about to start working to change that. I will keep you updated.

5. We don't go to the movies often but I have a whole list I'd like to see soon. Free Birds, Catching Fire, Frozen, The Hobbit {I need to watch the first one!}, Saving Mr. Banks {THRILLED for this one!}, and Anchorman 2. Needless to say, if you've been wondering what to get me for Christmas, Carmike gift cards would be perfect. ;) {Hilarious random story to go with our random list. Eddie got me gifts this year that I'd wanted but hadn't told him. His hilarious secret? He got on my Pinterest and browsed my Birthday/Christmas List to do his shopping. Smart man.}

6. I'm hoping to order our Christmas cards next week. I am THRILLED that we're two weeks from December and it's time for cards.

7. I have been a cleaning and reading NUT this week. One would assume that if you're home with a sick kid you get NOTHING done. And that's definitely the case. But I've also been the moron who has stayed up until 2AM THREE nights this week reading and cleaning. I blame the time change + spending a weekend in another time zone because I have been WAY out of whack. Want to know what's even better? My WONDERFUL husband has gotten the boys up and fed before I've gotten up all three days. He's awesome.

8. For the past two nights (tonight and last night) I've been horribly achey and have felt nauseated. Best we can tell {diagnosis from texting Nurse Shelley} I've got some weird virus. Probably picked up from The Baby earlier this week. RANDOM that the nausea is in there, though. And no coughing, sore throat, etc. I am hoping I feel better ASAP. Tonight I laid down at 6:15 and woke up at 8:15 when Will told me goodnight.

9. I had an epiphany tonight on what might be the CUTEST Christmas tree idea EVER. In case you don't know, I'm Christmas tree obsessed. We have a regular Christmas tree in our den with family ornaments on it. {I normally buy everyone an ornament - or two or three - that symbolizes something they've done that year. Birthday party theme, activity they've participated in, milestone, etc.} I have a huge collection of 12 Days of Christmas ornaments so they go on their own tree. James has a Georgia Bulldogs tree because his nursery and little boy room were decorated that way. {I may as well donate all of that to Will because James is crazy in the head and likes to cheer for ORANGE teams.} And last year I decided Will would have a planes, trains, and automobiles tree {like his nursery} but never got started. WELL. I had a new idea tonight for a playroom tree OR for Will's room {probably the playroom this year to keep life simple} and it is legen-wait for it-dary. Eeeeek!


10. On Monday I will be unveiling a huge, HUGE giveaway I'm participating in with a few other friends from the Internets. It's big, folks. Be sure to stop by to enter.


berryman said...

First, Thanks again for your sweet fb message. It means a lot

Second….all i want to DO is decorate for christmas. Jay would look at me sideways and considering I don't really want to crawl in the attic to get the stuff I haven't started…but the huge may overtake my laziness of getting in the attic.

Third…YES COREY AND TAPANGA!! I had heard but didn't know if it was rumor or true.

Fourth…I stayed up til 2 twice this week

Love you!

berryman said...

I forgot to mention too…

Mama always bought us ornaments every year. She would write on it somewhere small our name and the year so that when we got married and left the house, we would have a start to our tree :)