Friday, November 8, 2013

FIve on Friday!

I have to say - the first week of November has been like a breath of fresh air over here. I'm not going to lie and say it hasn't had it's moments (#ithas), BUT it's been way, WAY less busy and for that I am thankful. {And I apologize, but if you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen ALL of these. :/}

Linking up again with sweet Darci over at The Good Life blog.

1. Christmas Shopping! SO. What have I been up to? Mostly panicking in my guts because I haven't even STARTED my Christmas shopping and I'm normally wrapping it up mid-November. Yikes. Some on my list are EASY, peasy...James, Anna, Mom. Some on my list are SO difficult...EDDIE. Something I think we're doing this year (and I borrowed this from Dixie Delights) is that we'll be asking Santa to bring Something to Do, Something We Need, Something We Want, and Something to Read. Fun? Yes. Mom and Dad will be giving an ornament, a keepsake, and something fun. Brothers will be giving each other something fun. Scout always gives a movie (because the cats at Dad and Laura's always gave movies...I guess that's just the easiest gift for pets, huh?). I have all but finished the boys in the past two days. I lack James' big gift (I need to do a little research), James' gift for Will, the keepsake/memory item for both boys, and a membership to something local. Almost done with them! Yippee! {And THANK YOU Amazon Prime for already DELIVERING a ton of what we've ordered this week.}

{Breakfast, Amazon, Christmas music (YES.), and coffee. Productive Christmas shopping morning!}

2. Dressed up boy. James has always, ALWAYS loved to go to church. He loves Jesus, loves to hear the choir, etc., but NOW he's discovered his love of dressing up and looking nice. I cannot relate. I'd rather be in stretchy leggings and a big sweater. His daddy, however, is the same way about being dressed up and looking nice. James requested that Daddy bring home his sports coat when he went to Perry last weekend. Oh my.

3. Outside play. We have SO enjoyed this cooler weather. We could have highs in the mid-50s year-round and I'd be a happy girl. We've taken advantage of the cool and played outside way more often. 

4. Sweet {and silly!} boys. This week we've had the silliest boys in our house. 

{Apparently the time change wasn't good for our front porch picture takin'. Whoops!}

{Who needs toys? Give 'em a tub! It's been a boat all week long!}

{I have no idea what to do with this boy. NO IDEA. He takes off his jammies any chance he gets AND climbs out of his bed when he's ready to get up. I am NOT ready to give up the crib. We'd never nap again. This week's safety-pin-free method of keeping his jammies on was to put a shirt OVER zippered jammies. It's a good thing it's cooler. Layers are our friends. He wiggled out of pants just this morning and began to unsnap his onesie underneath when he got bored and climbed out. BUT he already had his diaper off. Never a dull moment, friends.}

{Love these three. James is ALL ABOUT "holding" Will these days and my little SnuggleBug Will doesn't mind a bit. He wants James to hold him anytime I get onto him about something.}

5. Thanksgiving crafts. I get so tickled when I get fun crafts home from school that I can use to decorate our house! He and I made one for their door at school and he brought another home that's a footprint body with handprint feathers. Have I mentioned I love his school? His only request on the turkey we made (below) was that it have sprinkles on it. SO. We gathered up items around the house and some sprinkles, rice, a tongue depressor, a paper straw, cotton, leaves, a googly eye, and a balloon later - we had a turkey! {May I also say that it is SO NICE to have James craft at school. Less mess, my friends. Less mess. I need all the help I can get on that front.}

One of my sweet, sweet friends is getting married this weekend and I cannot WAIT to see her as a bride! Eeek! Have a great weekend, y'all!

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