Monday, September 23, 2013

Party Planning Mode.

I have been in big-time party planning mode for James' 4th {what?!?!} birthday party that will take place in just a few weeks. We're having a teensy tiny family-only party this year and doing something BIG with just the four of us, but even a teensy tiny family-only party needs a little fun, right?

James has given me a few suggestions. He's picked a theme {and he picked it MONTHS ago}, he knows what food he'd like to serve {pizza, of course}, he knows where he'd like to have it {he's asked Grandmama for the use of her back porch instead of our tiny temporary housing...I'm not sure whether this has been okay-ed by Grandmama!}, and that's about it! Today I made a list of things I need to be working on {crafts, invitations, paper goods, food, etc.} and I'm going to hit the ground running with this on Wednesday morning when both boys are in school. It's been a rainy day so it has been PERFECT for this.

I love a pennant banner and I've used one every year. The theme this year has been a little tricky and I can't find much, so anything I'm doing I'm having to make. For the pennant banner I've ordered three theme-related books and I'm going to cut them up {*gasp!!!*} and hopefully do it that way. I won't lie - the idea of this makes me a little itchy, but I figure it will be CUTE. I've seen it done on Etsy for about $30 so I figure if I can swing a few $3 books I'll save a ton of moo-lah. $30 is ridiculous for a paper banner.

I have SO MANY big, big, big ideas for this party theme {and I seriously may share what I WOULD have done after the party} but I just think it would be wrong to pretend A) we have the time to pull it off, B) we have the funds to pull it off, and C) we have the energy to pull it off. So small, it is! We're pretty excited about what else we're doing instead of the big party, though. We're going on a day-trip to a fun place that we've wanted to see for a while with the boys. I really and truly love the idea of a small trip instead of a big party so we may try to push that direction before long. I know it may not go over well as our boys expand their social circles, though.

Whew! Sorry for the party tease. Shall I leave you with a little inspiration board?


Meggie said...

So cute! We (so far) have done the first 3 parties family-only with a small gift and then a big outing. Garrison had his first ever "friend party" when he turned 4 but we did it for a very resonable price at Chick-Fil-A... and still did a small gift from us with a special/big outing. Not sure what we'll do for his 5th since most parties on location are SO expensive. Can't wait to see what y'all do! Btw... thanks for your comments! =)

The Morrows said...

Can't wait to hear the theme!!
I love party planning