Friday, August 2, 2013

Five on Friday.

I'm linking up with Darci again this week for Five on Friday. I am running way, way behind on this but here goes anyway!

1. Yahtzee Junior!

James has been begging to play my real Yahtzee game all summer long. I have been on the hunt for Yahtzee Junior since the beginning of July and do you know what theme is in the stores right now? Spongebob Squarepants., thanks. Spongebob is off limits at our house. So I took to Amazon to find another version and low and behold - Toy Story! Yes! We just got it this week but he loves it already!

2. Sunday School!

I signed up to teach James' Sunday School class in the fall - and I'm team teaching with one of my best buds which I am THRILLED about. I went to a meeting on Tuesday about it and I'm ready to jump right in. 3 & 4 year olds should be a fun crowd, huh? Ha! Hope the lessons are short!

I have had a makeup emergency this week. I've used Erase Paste since not long after James was born and it's my favorite concealer ever. I ran out this week and I keep forgetting to re-order! Ack! Gotta get my act together and get more! (In the interim I do have Boiing! so I'm not scaring people with the circles under my eyes - and I have them this week since Will has been pitiful!)

I ordered this this week from Stella & Dot and cannot WAIT for it to get here. I've needed one for a while and was thrilled when Stella & Dot launched this print for fall.

5. Our House Watercolor!

For our anniversary, I got a watercolor of our house for Eddie. I haven't framed it yet, but I am so excited to have it! The lady I ordered it from was a dream to work with. I sent her a few pictures of our house and she literally whipped this out in an afternoon - and she has children younger than mine! I was so impressed. She's on Facebook if you're interested and can be found HERE. Tell her I sent you!

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Unknown said...

What a treasure to have of your house!

And James is going to love having you in SS!!!