Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Things We're Loving...

1. Longer days! I have no idea why people hate springing forward so much! You lose ONE HOUR, people. Gracious. I am LOVING having the extra daylight. Eddie and I have been able to walk after work and we've had dinner outside twice this week. {We may or may not be about to train for a 5K. Hold me. Running intimidates me. And I am not necessarily super-girly but I don't like to be hot and sweaty. Bleh. But I do have a lot of baby-baby weight I'd like to shed and this sounds like a decent way to get that done.}

2. Cuties! Eddie picked up a bag of cuties at the grocery store last night and James and I have already eaten FIVE of them. He loves mandarin oranges in the little cups but I am thrilled he likes these, too. I like knowing our fruit is fresh and I also really like knowing where it's grown. We bought Cuties last year and he just wasn't into them.

3. Sleeping! James slept all night in his bed last night. That was the first time in weeks and weeks. The Boy has the hardest time sleeping alone. Poor baby. From the day we brought him home from the hospital he has slept better if he was with us. I know that in ten years when he doesn't want to hang out with us at all that I'll love looking back at this, but I also really enjoyed sleeping through the night last night.

4. T-Ball! James had his second practice on Monday afternoon and although they were cut short because of the rain, they still got a little bit of practice in and he's enjoying it. He has no clue what's going on, but he's enjoying it. We got our schedule today. Looks like most of April and all of May we have plans on the weekends. Sorry, grandparents! His last game is the first weekend in June and then he goes straight into swimming lessons. It's a busy season but I really like the planned activities that get him moving and he really likes to be out and about.

5. Shorts! It's getting warmer and warmer here so I broke down and bought some shorts at Target today. {I say "broke down" but it didn't take much to get me excited to buy them.} I got THESE in coral and really want the green ones as well.

6. THESE earrings! Speaking of green, these are my new favorite things. I got them for myself from Eddie for Valentine's Day and I have worn them a LOT since then. I am a pearls-all-the-time girl normally but these are so much fun! And I almost want to treat them like a neutral. :)

7. New recipes! We have eaten GOOD this week. Not necessarily healthy, but GOOD. Even James has liked everything on the menu and he's not always a fan of everything new. Grits and Sausage Casserole! We had this last night and it was super easy and delicious. Yum. 

On Monday after T-Ball we had Brisket Tacos (which I made from a chuck roast instead). Both of my real-food-eatin' boys liked this a LOT. I put the meat on flour tortillas and topped with cheese, guacamole, and sour cream and had rice and beans on the side. Delicious. {If you're a fan of The Bachelor, this is Sean's sister's blog. I've read since before The Bachelor and she posts awesome recipes. She has about a million different ways to make a bundt cake if baking is your thing!}

Tonight we had Honey Grilled Tenderloin which is actually not grilled, but a crockpot recipe. It was fantastic! I served it with quinoa, green beans, and a salad. This will be in the permanent rotation for sure. Actually, all three of these probably will.

8. My cute new door hanger! I was walking with the boys one day last week and happened to notice that another house in the neighborhood (one of my FAVORITE houses in the neighborhood - I wish they'd sell to me!) had this precious wooden carrot on the front door that said "Hippity Hoppity." Naturally, I searched Pinterest until I found what I was looking for and then emailed a lady whom I've bought door hangers from before. If you're in the Tifton area she is LOVELY to work with and has the best prices! I emailed and inquired and it was ready the next day! I'm trying to think up other holiday door hangers I could get now!

9. Daffodils! The ones right by our front door are almost gone, but these by our driveway are still looking pretty!

10. Sweet little stinkers! Just love these boys!

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