Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Year with PW: Macaroni and Cheese

I didn't actually need a macaroni and cheese recipe. I have my mama's and it's delish. I make it fairly often (and by fairly often I mean every month or two...Eddie fills in the blanks with Kraft which is so NOT my favorite) and while it's not super quick, it IS easy peasy.

Pioneer Woman's macaroni and cheese is very, very similar. The steps are a little different than my mama's but the only BIG change is that PW has an egg in hers and Mama doesn't. It was still easy peasy (but again, not quick! let me just say that baked macaroni and cheese is COMPLETELY WORTH the wait...I could eat the entire casserole dish by myself! *ahem*). The egg made the dish very, very similar to cafeteria-style macaroni and cheese. And that is a compliment in my book. Remember Morrison's? OMG. That was one of my favorite restaurants as a kid. Gwinnett Place Mall had one and I loved it. (My family is probably gagging right now!)

The verdict is that I may or may not make this again, just based on the fact that I didn't really need a replacement. However, if you are a macaroni and cheese lover (seriously, who isn't???) then this is a must-make!

Two big thumbs up! (Or eight if you count my whole family!)

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Terri Grothe said...

Now i am craving mac n cheese :)

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