Friday, March 8, 2013


This has been quite a week. It's not been anything big but I am feeling the strain of motherhood and thought on more than one occasion this week that I might just want to switch jobs with Eddie.

Will had an ear infection last week but we're thankfully over that. However, the antibiotic has really bothered his tummy (a side effect we've never dealt with before). On top of that he's cutting a molar. It looks like it is a miserable process. There's extra drool which I guess isn't helping the tummy issues. He has the worst diaper rash he's ever had. I need to change his diaper about every ten minutes and it is torture when I do change him. He straightens his legs and just shakes and screams. I took to the Facebooks last night and begged for help (I've given up Facebook for Lent but I thought this was necessary!) so hopefully some of those remedies will help him recover quickly. He's been miserable.

James has also been miserable. Because three is misery and I'm trying to ruin his life. Or that's how it feels sometimes. I'm listening to a tantrum right this minute because I won't pop him some popcorn because we're going to eat dinner soon. I am SO mean. We carried the sticker chart over until this week and his choice of treat was to go bowling if he got a certain number of stars. Currently if he gets every. single. star left he still won't have enough. And he's boycotted his nap today so he's tired AND irritated. It's been fun!

Y'all. Miserable.

Yes, there are bigger problems in the world. But this is my life this week. The screaming and the crying and the whining are about to do me in. Whew!

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Bridgett said...

I'm just now seeing this and I didn't see the fb post, but the best thing I ever found for bad diaper rash was mixing maalox with A&D ointment and applying it to the rash. It worked wonders!! I'm sure battle is over by now, though. :( Hope everyone is well now!