Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Update...

Gah, the weekends just fly by, don't they? How is it already Monday? James is counting down to Saturday already. He loves Saturdays because, "that's the day that DADDY STAYS HOME!" Indeed.

Friday night we had some fun sitters come up - Poppy and Cacky - so that we could go to Beer Club at some friends' house. We've done Beer Club before but it's been a long while ago. I think it typically is just three couples and Michael gets beer from all over the place and they drink and chat about the beer and we all eat dinner and visit. Eddie could not care less about fancy beer. Give him the cheap-o stuff any day! He is, however, a bit of a social butterfly so he enjoys this kind of thing! We know Michael and Nanette pretty well but we'd never gotten together with Frances and Kenny before - Eddie does some things at church with Kenny and I with Frances, but never all together. It was so much fun! We wound up breaking up the party a little earlier than it probably would have broken up otherwise, but our babysitters had an hour drive home so we didn't want to stay out too terribly late!

Saturday morning Eddie got up and went to work at the baseball field to get them in shape for opening day and I pushed the boys for as long as my little legs and the Lucky Charms I brought with me would last. We wound up going just over three miles which isn't THAT far, but Will was ready to be DONE.

{Will got into a plant on Saturday morning. Little Stinker. When I picked him up I walked to his room for a paci (tears for when I trapped him in the Pack 'N Play) and he popped the paci in his mouth and laid right down in his bed. I left him for about 30 minutes! I don't think he slept but he must have rested for a bit!}

{Eating the Lucky Charms that James left behind. James only eats the marshmallows.}

Saturday evening Eddie and I had ANOTHER babysitter and ANOTHER date night. Crazy, huh? Our Sunday School class went bowling and while we could have taken James, I really thought he would rather stay with Susana and that Will would probably do better if James was there, too. I think they had a LOT of fun. Even Will was still awake when we got home at 9!

Sunday we got up and donned our green for church and Sunday School. I got a bit tickled because we had a friend's youngest two children sit with us and I realized very quickly that three-on-two at church is different than two-on-one! The oldest had to go to the bathroom but was old enough to go alone. The middle one had to go to the bathroom so I got up and took her. Then James, of course, had to go to the bathroom so I took him, too! The ushers were laughing at me by the time all was said and done. And we sit in the balcony so I went up to sit down, down to go potty, up to go back to my seat, down to go potty, up to go back to my seat, down to leave, and then took James down to the basement for Sunday School and up to the second floor for my Sunday School. Whew! 

The boys had pictures made yesterday. I won a free session from my cousin's wife so we went down to Ashburn for that Sunday afternoon. It was fun to visit and it'll be fun to see how those turn out!

We had a snack at McDonald's before we headed home and Will had ice cream for maybe the first time ever? He liked it!

He liked it but it was COLD.

This week is more of the same! Library, t-ball, school, Bible Study, etc. and then on Saturday is James' FIRST t-ball game! The weeks and weekends are gearing up to get super busy soon! We're also planning two BIG trips in the next eight weeks! Life is busy, but full!

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