Sunday, March 24, 2013

Play Ball!

We got up before the sun yesterday to kick off baseball season in these parts. We had a lonnnng day ahead of us so we got up and prepared for that. We needed to be at the ballpark before 10 (and in retrospect we could have arrived at 10 but we didn't have a jersey yet) so we left the house around 9:15 to get to the fields, park, and find our team. I packed a cooler of snacks to keep the boys occupied. We live a good bit from the ballfields so going back and forth wasn't an option yesterday. After the opening ceremonies at 10 we had to be back by 12:15 for pictures and then had a 1:00 game. SO...we made plans to leave after opening ceremonies, go by the bank, get gas, grab lunch, and head back. We'd also decided if we had a LOT of time to kill we'd just head to the library. It was way too cold to be sitting out and watching extra games so that was NOT an option in my opinion. Both boys did great! James had a whiney morning but once he got his jersey and saw his team he was a little happier about playing!

The game itself was just hilarious. Playing is certainly not serious when you are three years old. The first inning James was pretty focused (again, for a three year old), but after that he wasn't all the interested in the game, as seen in pictures below.

He had fun and is excited about upcoming games after a two-week Easter/Spring Break break!

There are about 40 pictures below. Sorry, not sorry. ;)

Warming up by running the bases:

Team pep talk in the dugout. Because life is chaotic with 3 year olds, someone who is an absolute GENIUS made signs with their names and hung them above the bench. They each had a designated spot.

Pep talk with YaYa.

First inning:

First at-bat...he stretched/loosened up on his way to hit. We have no idea where he learned this or why he did it.

Cheerleaders! Please note the attire. It was stinkin' cold for the fourth day of spring in Georgia.

Still the first inning...this is where James began to lose steam and get distracted. It only took 10 minutes.

He was cooooold.

Second inning:

He did okay until second base. Between second and third he ran like a penguin/duck (and a coach asked if he'd had an accident) AND he decided to skip from second to home. One of the coaches got him back on track. (He's being carried in the pictures below...)

I think these are from the third inning but I'm not entirely sure. The second and third ran together a bit. Suffice it to say he was OVER it by then. He decided to entertain the crowd instead. He even told us he was trying to be a clown.

As he was sitting here a ball went right past him to the outfield and he didn't even notice.

And then he decided to make conversation with the opposing team's fans.

Thankfully it's just three innings and we were outta there! As was the case at practice, snacks were his favorite. He said he had fun and he'd like to play again! Another game on April 13th!

Thanks Grandmama, Granddaddy, Papa, and YaYa for coming!

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Lauren said...

Too cute! I have to say that it sounds like a LONG day and I dont blame him for laying down and resting! :)