Friday, March 22, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

I thought I'd just go ahead and do TWO Easter-themed posts in one day! See the one below for a fun Easter snack.

I'm linking up today with Darci's Easter Basket Blog Hop!

It's almost time for Peter Cottontail to come hopping down the bunny trail! Can you believe it? How is Easter almost here?! I know it's early, but sheesh! I feel like we were just celebrating New Year's!

I think the Easter Bunny is fun, but typically he doesn't bring much. I've heard he went a little overboard this year, but last year he did almost nothing so I guess it works out in the long run. Right? Some of the things he is bringing will be for outdoor play this summer, some are for reading, and some are for some upcoming travel.

My dilemma is that the Easter Bunny typically comes on Sunday morning. But we go to early church. And we don't need any distractions because we're always running late. I don't want him to come while we're at church because James is old enough to know something's up when other kids talk about it in Sunday School and he can't come on Saturday morning because we have an Easter egg hunt. But I guess this is a dilemma that really means next to nothing.

Anyway, I do try to encourage the Easter Bunny to please limit the candy and stress Jesus in our Easter baskets. We (I) do not need the sugar and the boys seriously need to know what the real reason for Easter is. And it's not Peter Cottontail.

All of that said, here's a little taste of what's in the boys' Easter baskets this year.

1. Neck pillow from Target. For James. We're doing a lot of traveling in the next few weeks and Eddie and I just cringe when James sleeps in the car because his neck rolls all around. {Similar HERE.}

2. Jesus Calling Bible Storybook. Will's first Bible! {HERE}

3. Little Tikes Swing Canopy. In Will's basket but both boys use the swing. It's just $5 so we'll try it out! {HERE}

4. Old Navy Perforated Tennis Shoes. Knock-off Natives! We'll see how these do! I think they're way cuter than Crocs.

5. Little People Zoo Talkers {extra animals}. For Will! Please note: That whole SET is not going in an Easter basket. Extra animals only! The Easter Bunny has not completely lost his {her} mind. Anna got Will this for his birthday and he loves it! Extra animals - hippo and camel. {HERE}

6. Beginning Sight Words. For James. He wants to learn to read. ;)

7. Jesus Calling devotional. For James. I'm excited about this because I have the adult version and I think they coincide. {HERE}

8. Peter Rabbit plate, cup, and bowl set by Wedgwood. For Will. We have one set {of Eddie's!} that James used when we hosted Easter but now both boys will have something. This was sort of an add-on so that we'd have two sets, but the Easter Bunny may leave it with the baskets anyway. We shall see. {HERE}

9. Peter Rabbit stuff animals. Each boy is getting a different one. They LOVE the Peter Rabbit show on Nick Jr. this year! {HERE} {HERE}

10. Peter Rabbit's Easter Surprise. For Will. {HERE}

11. The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story. For Will. I have been so impressed with The Berenstain Bears and the Christian stories they have! I'm going to be looking into more! {HERE}

12. Not numbered. Whoops! Alvin and the Chipmunks Easter Collection. Someone in this house is obsessed with Alvin and the Chipmunks! {HERE}

There will be a few more things thrown in for good measure, but that's the majority of it! I'll share their actual Easter baskets (really they're galvanized BUCKETS) soon...once I finish them. Ha!

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[darci @ the good life] said...

I love it all.....kind of wishing I would have done a little looking around before throwing J's together after an impromptu trip to Target! I put Jesus Calling in J's basket too, although he's still a little young for it. I just assumed that of all the things we could be reading to him, this has to be the best!

Can't wait to see photos of the boys on Easter!!! Thanks for linking up and sharing all these great ideas!