Monday, March 25, 2013

Snack Time Comedian.

James has been cracking me up this week.

This morning he came into my room before we left for storytime at the library and asked me to "...check his forehead to see if he was having a meltdown." As I tried to keep a straight face I assured him that he felt fine to me. While I've known I had a little hypochondriac on my hands for a while now, this is the first time he's gotten mixed up about a fever. Oh, mercy.

He's also CONVINCED that he has a baby girl in his tummy. He's told me several times that we need "...just one more baby...a girl," at our house and I've told him that's not likely going to happen {and hopefully not anytime soon if it does!}. He's taken it upon himself to have one for us instead. Just this afternoon he told me that he'd be having her on Saturday at the hospital. I told him that we had an Easter egg hunt at church on Saturday and he shook his head and replied that he couldn't go but wanted to know if he could borrow Eddie's cellphone to call us when she arrives. When I asked what her name was going to be he sighed and said, "That's the hard part, naming a baby. But I think I'm going to call her...Lawnmower."

Writing these down now so I don't forget later!

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