Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Help, Please!

So I was just trying to update the ol' blog with 9 month pictures of Will (a week late) and Blogger has told me that I don't have any more SPACE?!?! What? Help, y'all! Do I just need to purchase the extra space? How much? The 25 or the 100 GB? I know NOTHING about blogging except for the writing the words part so y'all help me!

On that same note, should I also be purchasing my own part of ye olde internet? I've never purchased a domain but have wondered if I should. Obviously, this blogging thing has stuck since I've been VERY consistent for almost five years.

Help me out, please!

Dear Grandparents (Especially Those We Won't See Today),

I apologize for this travesty. :) Hopefully I'll have new pictures of you precious babies up for your viewing pleasure.


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Cristin said...

I purchased my own domain. It was simple to transfer and didn't cost much at all. The blog URL you have now will automatically send viewers to the new domain.